How to Read Right to Left Languages in Stanza iPhone

There are handful of languages out there where the text is written right-to-left (RTL) where the writing starts on the right side of the page and finishes on the left. Stanza iPhone / iPod Touch doesn't officially support RTL as we haven't done enough testing on it but we are starting to get reports of Stanza working quite well with RTL languages e.g., Hebrew and Arabic.

I wanted to communicate some of the common book settings used by our RTL language readers:
Layout - Alignment = Right
Controls - Left Screen Tap = Next Page
Controls - Right Screen Tap = Previous Page
Controls - Page Turn Effect = None

We'd love to get feedback on what we can do to better support RTL languages.


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Using RTL in Stanza for business

I use my iphone and my new ipad for many different business related activities. For instance, I keep all of my business contacts, clients, and distributors listed in both. I use facebook analytics to cater to each individual clients needs. I am trying to find a way to arrange my layout for the pages that I design myself to automatically align to the right as I have two copies of each page(one being in English and the other in Arabic). I am looking for a way to do this, any help?

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Stanza RTL support for uPad?

Has anyone tried a Hebrew ePub file with Stanza
on an iPad?

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I had no idea these things even were a topic. The side effects of living in the West, I guess.
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