Frequently Asked Questions - Troubleshooting

For formats that don't contain any embedded chapter information (such as plain text, Rich Text Format, and some variants of HTML and PDF), Stanza tries to automatically detect where chapters are. It usually does a good job, but its rules are not perfect, and it can sometimes make bizarre judgements about where a chapter break is. Aside from looking strange and hindering chapter-based navigation, there are no other adverse effects of mis-identified chapters. If you are willing to share the offending text with us by posting to our forums, we are always looking for data that will help us improve our chapter identification heuristics.

If you are experiencing problems with Stanza, either due to it failing to launch, or due to errors or bad behavior during the program running, it is helpful to report any error messages that Stanza might be generating. This information obtained through the use of the Apple Console.

If you've never used the console log before, launch this application:


It should show the console log in a window titled "console.log". Scroll to the bottom for recent messages.

If you're not sure whether a message is from your app's failure or not, keep the console log open and try launching your app again. If it outputs anything to the console log, you'll see the window contents change.

If there are messages in console.log, copy and paste them into your message, either to support or to the user forum on which you are posting.

If you are having problems sharing books between Stanza Desktop and Stanza iPhone/iPod, please try these suggestions:

  1. If you are on Windows, and when you attempt to enable sharing with the "Tools"->"Enable Sharing" menu you get an error about Bonjour not being installed despite having already installed it, it sometimes helps to open the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel and remove Bonjour completely, then reboot, and then do a fresh install from the file at
  2. If you are unable to see your PC's name in the "Shared Books" section of Stanza iPhone, and you 1) have a book open in Stanza Destop, and 2) have enabled sharing in Stanza Desktop without any errors, then you should check to ensure that both the machines are on the same wireless network. You can compare the names of the wireless networks for each device:
    • iPhone/iPod: Launch the "Settings" application and examine the value of the "Wi-Fi Section".
    • Windows: Open the "Control Panel" program and select the "Network" option to see the wireless network name.
    • Macintosh: Open the "System Preferences" application, select "Network", highlight the "AirPort" section of the list, and examine the setting of the "Network Name".
  3. If you are not part of an existing wireless network, but your desktop does have a wireless card, you can still share books between your desktop and iPhone/iPod by following these instructions
  4. If you are able to see your PC's name from the "Shared Books" menu, but it gives a timeout error after trying to connect, then the problem may be one of the issues listed below.
    1. It may be that Stanza Desktop has popped up a dialog asking you whether you want to allow the device to connect. The dialog is sometimes hidden by other windows, so you may want to try moving other windows out of the way to see if it is visible. You can also bypass the need for this dialog by selecting the "Tools"->"Allow anonymous sharing" menu item and then restarting Stanza Desktop.
    2. Ensure that if your firewall is enabled, that it allows traffic to port 9562, which is the port over which Stanza shares books. Stanza also uses Apple's "Bonjour" service to broadcast the sharing service to the iPhone. If firewall problems persist, you may consider disabling the firewall altogether while you are transferring books between your devices.
    3. Your router may have a firewall enabled that is preventing your iPhone from connecting to your PC. Firewall configurations on routers vary so greatly that it isn't possible to provide generic instructions for opening access to Stanza, but you may want to consult your router's documentation for instructions on how to disable your router's firewall long enough to see if doing so allows you to share your books. Alternatively, if you have access to another wireless network, you may want to connect both your PC and your iPhone to the other network and see if the problem resolves itself.
    4. Are you connected to a public wifi network, such as one provided by your school or work? If so, the administrator may have configured the network to prevent data transfers like sharing. In this case, we recommend uploading to a website, as described in this faq:

    5. Look at your the settings for your wifi connection on your iPhone, and make sure you have HTTP Proxy set to "OFF".
    6. If you are running a VPN for connecting to school or work, make sure the VPN is turned off when you want to share using Stanza Desktop.
    7. Is it possible that you accidentally selected "Never" from the pop-up windows asking for permission to connect your computer and your iPhone? If so, you might need to delete your permissions, as described in this FAQ:

    8. Did you used to be able to share and now you suddenly can't? If so, try rebooting your computer, and briefly switching your iPhone to Airplane Mode and then back again. Sometimes you just need to reconnect both devices to the network to get them communicating properly.

There have been scattered reports of this problem, but it is by no means the expected behavior: upgrades should always preserve all of your books. We believe that the problem is due to iPhone's upgrade process, whereby if something goes wrong (such as a corrupt download that it needs to re-try), then the iPhone handles it by deleting the application first, and then installing from scratch. Unfortunately, when an application is deleted from the iPhone, all of its data is deleted as well, which, in the case of Stanza, includes all of the books. However, if you have synchronized the iPhone/iPod with iTunes before you installed the update, you can restore the books from the backup by following the directions at

Users of many other iPhone applications have reported data loss problems after installing updates, and sadly, Stanza is no exception. This is a rare bug in Apple's iPhone/iPod operating system.

There is a procedure you can follow to prevent losing your Stanza library until Apple has resolved the issue. Note that this procedure works equally well for all iPhone applications, not just Stanza.

  1. Back up your iPhone by syncing it with iTunes just before you install any update.
  2. Disconnect your iPhone and install the update on the device.
  3. If you didn’t lose your books, all is fine. If you did lose your library, you can restore it from the backup. But you have to be very careful. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes automatically overwrites the existing backup with a new one. Since you just lost your data on the device, this will effectively delete your previous backup from iTunes! To prevent this, you need to do the following:
    1. Disable automatic syncing for your iPhone in iTunes’ preferences before you connect the iPhone again (iTunes > Preferences > Syncing > Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods).
    2. Connect your iPhone and wait until it appears in iTunes’ sidebar. Since syncing is disabled, iTunes won’t back up your data automatically.
    3. Right-click (or control click) on the iPhone and select “Restore from backup”.

This is a known problem with the iPhone Operating System, and has nothing to do with Stanza itself. Any third-party application may trigger this bug. It is discussed at: We expect that a future update to the iPhone OS will prevent this problem from happening.

Every router has a different was of configuring its firewall and multicast settings, and they all have different default settings. Please refer to your router's manual for an authoritative description of the process.

For the common Linksys Cable/DSL Router (such as the BEFSR41 v4.1), you can modify the router setup by going to the Security page (which is often at a URL like: http:// /Filter.htm), and down near the bottom, you'll see a setting for Filter Multicast. By default, it will be disabled. Change it to enabled, save the settings, and you'll should be able to start sharing between Stanza Desktop and Stanza iPhone.

Does your TOC look like this?

<item id="ncx" href="toc.ncx" media-type="text/xml"/>

If so, the "media-type" is incorrect. It should read:

<item id="ncx" href="toc.ncx" media-type="application/x-dtbncx+xml"/>

The fact that epubcheck doesn't validate this requirement in the spec is a bug in epubcheck itself: