How do I use Calibre to transfer books from my computer to Stanza iPhone?

In addition to Sharing with Stanza Desktop, and uploading/downloading books, you can also use Calibre, the free e-book application for Windows, Mac and Linux, to transfer books to Stanza iPhone. Here are a few links to instructions for how to do this:

There is also a user-written tool called calibre2opds to help manage your Calibre library using Dropbox, described at:


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Currently Stanza iPhone

Currently Stanza iPhone requires your iPhone or iPod Touch to be on the same wireless network as your desktop computer. Apple will allow dedicated programs to access these other means of connecting to desktop computers, but until that happens, being part of the same network is a requirement to transfer books from your computer to the iPhone. Health Insurance This limitation is due to the inability of any iPhone application to access either the Bluetooth networking capabilities of the iPhone or the dock connector.