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How do I change the title or author of my book when sharing it with Stanza iPhone?

Stanza iPhone/iPod allows you to edit the title, author, and subjects of your books by tapping the "Edit" button in the library list and making changes to the corresponding text fields.

You can change author and title information in Stanza Desktop by selecting Book Info from the View menu. When you Export to most formats or Save As to ePub format, the information you entered there will be saved.

If you can edit the underlying document (such as using a text editor for editing RTF or plain text files), you can also provide "hints" to Stanza about the title and author of the book. Specifically, if the first line of the document is of the form: "Title: My Title", then Stanza will usualy guess that the title of the book is "My Title". Similarly, if the second line is "Author: The Author", then Stanza will usually guess that the author is named "The Author".



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Stanza features a variety of text layout views, such as multicolumn, vertical scrolling, and horizontal scrolling. Significantly, Stanza also supports exporting to a wide array of formats for use on,,..Internet Cowgirl ,,.mobile devices using 3rd party readers such as MobipocketThank you,,.

are lots doubts that aroused

are lots doubts that aroused with respect to changing the title, or changing the author of the book when it is going to share with stanza iPhone. For troubleshooting this or the solution of this problem is first select the book information from the view menu. For export the file or going to save it then convert the format to ePub format. Then the information we entered is saved. Also there are lots of hints there to get solutions to the entire problem. Network Virtualization

controlling title and author when opening a word doc

The recommended technique is not working for me.

Trying to get the computer Stanza to pick up Title and Author

Stanza "guessed" title and author once and never has, with repeated try's, again.

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Stanza guesses some things,

Stanza guesses some things, but it doesn't guess the title and author. In order for the title and author to be included automatically, you have to include that information explicitly in the document. Different formats do this differently, but if you are just working with a text file or Word doc, you can write the following at the top of the document, before everything else:

TITLE: My Awesome Book
AUTHOR: John T. Awesome

If you're running the latest beta of Stanza Desktop (beta-16), this should work.

You CAN edit the info...

Just rename the .epub file to .zip, extract it, and edit the appropriate file(s) under the OEPBS directory; once you're done, select the META-INF and OEBPS folders plus the mimetype file and create a new .zip archive; then change the extension of that file to .epub and you're done. I use this method for select books that I want to make sure have the correct title/author information as well as proper styling (ie: paragraphs/italics) and chaptering (I make each chapter a seperate .xhtml file).

Yeah, it's a manual process and takes a little time, but it's worth it to get that favorite book just right...and remember, it only has to be done once :)

I still CAN'T change the meta data

Tried it and didn't work. I edited both part1.xhtml file and title.xhtml file, but the title (the one on the very top) is till "Unknown." I couldn't even find the line where the author's name is. This is very frustrating. HELP!

tried and tried it also it

tried and tried it also it cannot work.. thanks when i putglee stream online it works a lot

Chapter headings

I've discovered that Stanza is smart enough to also take "Chapter 1: Heading 1" and "Chapter 2: Heading 2" and break the large document up into chapters with those fields as bookmark entries.

However, at least on one document where I did this, it stopped with Chapter 31 (!) even though there were a few more, all formatted identically (that is, the same as the first 31 chapters). Is this indeed some kind of internal limit?

Just wanted to add my vote...

Just wanted to add my vote to being able to edit metadata in Stanza desktop - then you'd have the near-perfect eBook reader, editor and conversion tool; I'd but it in a second...

Thanks, Peter Millard

I'll second Peter's comments.

I'll second Peter's comments. I won't buy without the ability to edit the metatdata, but once that capability is there - I'll be first (or maybe second, behind Peter) in line.

I agree with the both of you.

I agree with the both of you. It is so important to be able to change the metadata. I'll be third in line then!

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Absolutely correct. Very important to be able to change the metadata. I'll be the fourth. dog training

Stanza Desktop

For those who do not know the Stanza Desktop is an eBook reader that features the ability to read books in many different formats (such as LIT, ePUB, HTML, Mobipocket, Kindle, Sony Book Reader, PDF, and RTF) and export to several portable devices. Stanza Desktop is the first program that has a built-in export feature especially for the Amazon Kindle. The only problem with Stanza Desktop is that it completely mangles the formatting. In my view the Stanza desktop is a pile of cack and renders the application on the iPhone as being little more than a good looking novelty.