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Can Stanza read contemporary books?

Stanza does have the ability to read contemporary content, provided that the electronic book is in a format that Stanza supports, and that the book is either unprotected by "Digital Rights Management" (DRM) or uses the eReader DRM. The majority of contemporary works are protected by DRM, which prevents books from being read on "unauthorized" devices and generally prohibits the copying of the book. The only DRM format currently supported by Stanza is the eReader DRM, although we are looking to expand this in the coming weeks and months.

One place to purchase books that use Fictionwise's eReader DRM is the bookstore at stanza.fictionwise.com.

Other places where you can obtain books (both free and commercial) are:


Searching in Stanza

Can I search the content of an entire book, or my entire library? What if I want to find certain topics, or passages?

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