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Can I download a book directly from a web site?

Provided the book is in the ePub format (which will typically end with an ".epub" string), you can download a book at a URL by selecting the tools icon from the library view and tapping "Download Book at URL", and then entering the complete URL into the field. Alternately, if a web site has the link to an .epub file in the form of "epub://www.somesite.com/book.epub", then Safari on the iPhone will automatically launch Stanza and download the book.


downloading books from a website

i think the problem you are facing isn't caused by stanza, but most probably it's a problem with the website itself, some of them don't have internal proper links for downloading, i think the above info is more than enough
website bouwen

can't unlock

I bought ebook in stanza+fictionwise store.
But, I can not unlock in my iPod Touch.
I challenge PC same account is success it.

Moblie Safari Not Passing to Stanza

I tried accessing a epub book that I have on my computer, through the Calibre programs web server. When I went to click on the link, I got the following message:

Download Failed
Safari cannot download this file.

Is there something I should be doing to make it pass to and open Stanza? I have 2.1 iPhone firmware, and iPhone Stanza version 1.5. The desktop version of Stanza loads it with no problems.

Edit: I see the problem now. The server generated page links Calibre uses are http://www.somesite.com/book.epub not epub://www.somesite.com/book.epub. I'm assuming the epub:// URI is needed by Mobile Safari to recognize that it needs to pass to Stanza. Would be great if MS just looked at the file extension and passed it instead.

Edit 2: Found the solution. Calibre supports generating it's own Stanza Online Catalog. Once the Calibre web server is up (and your ebooks have been converted to epub format), in the iPhone Stanza, go to the Online Catalog section, click the + button and add its URL like http://myserver.mydomain.net:8080/stanza and you can access/download anytime.

epub:// not opening in Stanza...?

When I set up a link on a page using epub:// instead of http://, and then visited it on an iPod Touch in Safari, it looked like it was trying to pass to Stanza--screen went mostly dark with a gray Stanza icon--but then Stanza shut down.

There have been some Stanza crashes listed in my Logs/Library/CrashReporter/MobileDevice--I can't make sense of them, but that may be these attempts to open via Safari, because otherwise Stanza has been flawless on my iPod.

Is there something I need to do besides calling the link to href="epub://....? Is it probably something on my end with mime-types or Apache or something?

Safari has no problem opening other files on this site, and I am able to open the same epubs in Stanza directly, via "Online Catalog", "Direct Downloads," and typing in the URLs, so I'm not thinking it's anything about the files....

Thanks for any ideas....