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Can I read other titles in Fictionwise's eReader format on Stanza?

Yes. Stanza supports all titles in the eReader format, whether it was purchased from stanza.fictionwise.com or not. You can download titles into Stanza using Stanza's embedded web browser from other sites you may have purchased your books.


Downloading Book from My Bookshelf - problem

Hello -
I have downloaded many purchased books to my iTouch 32Gb. with Stanza V.1.7 from my Fictionwise bookshelf and had no problem - but the latest book I purchased failed to complete the download due to failing to recognize my name and credit card number when I submitted it. This is exactly the same info I have used to download all the previous 45+ books loaded on my iTouch . . . and yet I continue to get a File unlock failed message and am directed to please try again . . . this is as of 1/31/09. Is there some other problem I'm not aware of ????? I was able to download it to my eReader app. but not to Stanza. Judy

What does it mean?

I really do not understande this sentence:
"using Stanza's embedded web browser from other sites"

Are we talking about the iPhone? Safari? Which embedded browser? Where is it embedded?

Good question --- diet to

With an easy access of books

With an easy access of books online, there is an ever increase in the need for as much facility to download the same from different formats. So we can understand there being a foray of questions regarding this subject by many! I am sure the reader must have been happy to be informed that it was possible to read other titles in Fictionwise’s eReader Format on Stanza! Being able to download titles into Stanza using Stanza’s embedded web browser from where we buy our books is also possible, which is a great advantage!! Am sure it is a popular site with the help and tips being offered!!mozeltoff