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How can I get my books in the eReader format from my desktop to my iPhone?

Stanza Desktop does not yet support displaying books in the eReader format, but you can transfer eReader books to Stanza iPhone by Sharing using Stanza Desktop, just as you would any other compatible file format.

You can also upload your eReader books to your bookshelf at stanza.fictionwise.com, www.fictionwise.com, or www.eReader.com, and then download them to Stanza iPhone.

For complete details on either of these processes, please see the instructions for eReader books here:



Downloading from ereader bookshelf to Stanza do NOT work

It's not possible to download the books from ereader fictionwise bookshelf directly into iPhone using Stanza! It gives you an error message, informing of absence or corruption of data. But you get not such a problem when downloading to ereader app! Why is that????


Is this going to happen soon? I would prefer adding metadata on a computer rather on the iPhone:-) Plus I just have tooooo many books to keep track of them on a little screen.


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