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Does the Kindle export support Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or other languages with non-latin characters?

Currently, no. The default Kindle format that Stanza exports to does not support non-Latin characters, so texts in non-Latin languages won't display properly on the Kindle. The Kindle does support an additional format (Topaz) that allows for embedding custom fonts. We do intend to support exporting to Topaz in the future, but there is currently no specific timeline for its implementation.


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greek font

How can I read my text with roman and greek font (font Athenian) come from html text and go to epub (stanza)?

Russian/Chinese/Japanese etc.

This information is not accurate: Kindle _format_ can store any Unicode character including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew etc.; you don't need Topaz for this. It is the Kindle _software_ that does not support these languages. In particular the default fonts do not contain non-Latin alphabets/glyphs for the most part (with exception of Greek). It is possible to replace the font so that more scripts can be displayed; I've done this on my Kindle so I can read Russian text that I've converted to Kindle format. So a relatively simple software update could improve some language support without impacting performance significantly (certainly for Cyrillic-based languages). It might require hardware enhancements to accommodate full requirements of 'world-readiness' since full-Unicode, bidi and complex script support require more code, hence more storage if not a more powerful processor. I haven't used the Kindle iPhone app, but it seems likely that it provides more expansive language support than Kindle since it is sold in Asian markets. So if the target device is iPhone/iPodTouch, Russian/Chinese/Japanese may actually work out.

SW update

How do I update my Kindle 2 SW to read Russian and other "traditional" languages?

non-Latin alphabet Kindle content

So does anyone know whether making ideographic (e.g., Chinese) language content available in the future would require a hardware change or simply a software upgrade?

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The Kindle supports a format

The Kindle supports a format called Topaz that allows embedded fonts that will work for Chinese, Japanese, and non-latin writing systems, so it's not a hardware issue. The problem, I believe, is there doesn't seem to be any way of easily getting things into the Topaz format yourself.

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