I upgraded to a more recent version of Stanza iPhone/iPod, and all my books disappeared!

There have been scattered reports of this problem, but it is by no means the expected behavior: upgrades should always preserve all of your books. We believe that the problem is due to iPhone's upgrade process, whereby if something goes wrong (such as a corrupt download that it needs to re-try), then the iPhone handles it by deleting the application first, and then installing from scratch. Unfortunately, when an application is deleted from the iPhone, all of its data is deleted as well, which, in the case of Stanza, includes all of the books. However, if you have synchronized the iPhone/iPod with iTunes before you installed the update, you can restore the books from the backup by following the directions at http://www.lexcycle.com/faq/restoring_from_backup.


lost all books

When I upgraded to the new version of Stanza, I lost my entire library of books, which was quite large. I tried using the Stanza restore tool but it only recovered about 8 of my 700+ titles. Then, I tried to restore them manually, which would have been a time consuming and aggravating procedure if it had worked, but I can't even restore them manually. Every book that I try to open through Stanza says that the "file does not exist." I can't get back any of the books. I have seen some comments here that the books can be recovered using backups from Time Machine, but I couldn't find any instructions on how to do that. Where do you find the backups on Time Machine and how do you restore those files once you find them??

Stanza app disappears regularly

I have stanza on my iphone and have been reading books for a while. However, every once in a while, when I connect to my desktop and sync my phone, when I come back the stanza app has disappeared from my iphone, together with all my books. I have to re-install stanza, re-download my books and start all over again. Only to have the problem reappear 1 or two months down the road. Any ideas?

Upgrade to new version of Stanza on Mac 10.5.5

Hi My version of Stanza was apparently outdated. After downloading the latest update, I went through my normal loading procedure for books (the one that worked before) but the returns are not recognized. Any ideas?

This just happened to me and

This just happened to me and I wish I had read the warning sooner. I lost 200+ books, many of which I had spent hours to format myself from public sources. Completely demoralizing.

There REALLY needs to be some sort of warning about this.

Books not REALLY disappeared?

When I tried to realign the book I was reading in v.1.4 it SEEMED that all my books had disappeared and I had to hunt to find them again. Perhaps this is what people have experienced. I found them by going to Latest Reads. Perhaps others could have found their books there as well?