My book's content gets cut off at around page 70. Is there a limit to the size of a book?

There is no built-in limit to the size of the content of a book. More likely you merely arrived at the end of the current section, and tapping to go to the next page will load the next section. You can also see the section names by tapping the table of contents button (the book-shaped icon on the left side of the lower toolbar). While Stanza Desktop tried to automatically detect the book's natural chapter breaks when transferring books to Stanza iPhone, it isn't always able to do so successfully, and in those cases it will simply break the book up into arbitrary parts (whose length is usually around 70 pages) called "Part 1", "Part 2", etc. This is because very large individual chapters can be slow to load in Stanza iPhone, so breaking the book up into parts will help to speed up the book's loading.


Stanza Desktop does not yet

Stanza Desktop does not yet offer the ability ged exam to maintain a document library, but you can have an organized library in Stanza on your iPhone/iPod Touch.Opening a document in Stanza Desktop allows you to (1) read the document in Stanza Desktop in a variety of layouts, (2) convert the file to a variety of file formats, and (3) share the file with Stanza on your iPhone/iPod Touch.It sounds like you are having problems sharing documents between Stanza Desktop and Stanza on your iPod Touch. Is that correct? Have gre exam you enabled sharing from the Tools menu in Stanza Desktop and checked in the Shared Books library in Stanza iPhone? If not, give that a try. If you have trouble with that, please check out the FAQs about troubleshooting this feature:Lexcycle has worked with gmat exam
Macmillan Publishing imprint St. Martin's Griffin to create the Hunted iPhone application. Written by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Hunted is the fifth installment in the popular House of Night series. Users can purchase the Hunted iPhone / iPod Touch application at the iTunes App Store shortly after midnight tonight, giving Zoey fans an opportunity to check out what she's up to. The application created by Lexcycle and based on the popular e-book reader Stanza, allows readers to totally customize their reading experience isee exam including setting fonts, background colors, and foreground colors. Also introduced in this application are a variety of new features that are forthcoming including:

Manually create sections?

I have several sections in my book that are over 700 pages long. Is there a way I can make them smaller?