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I tried to read a PDF, and it is all messed up!

Extracting text from PDF is more of an art than a science. This is because PDF doesn't structure its text internally as words and paragraphs, but instead it merely stores individual letters and their coordinates on the page, which makes reconstituting the text from the PDF a challenging task. Stanza does its best to figure out word and paragraph boundaries, but there are frequently problems with the identification. If Stanza badly garbles the rendering of a PDF, you can also try to open the PDF in a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat or Apple's Preview.app), select all the text (using Edit->Select All), copying the text, and then going back to Stanza and selecting File->New From Clipboard to open the selected text from the clipboard contents.


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This is where apple iPad comes in handy. I never have any problem reading PDFs with it, combined with help with dyslexia software for my disability.

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I suggest you to use

I suggest you to use alternative PDF readers such as FoxIt for example. If text is copy protected you can't even copy it to clipboard with Adobe software.
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Didn't Work For Me

I followed the directions suggested here, of selecting all from the pdf file, then opening from clipboard in stanza desktop. This didn't work. "Select all" in pdf only selects the current page, not the entire document, and the free version of adobe doesn't allow selecting/highlighting via mouse. What a bummer.

PDF and HTML rendering useless

I have several books on my computer, and often find the iPhone a more convenient reading device (e.g. on a long flight). I usually email the book to myself, and read it on the iPhone from mail. Stanza looked like a superior alternative; but its rendering of PDF and HTML is completely useless. Excuses about the difficulties of reconstituting text from absolute coordinates, or suggestions to convert through the clipboard, do not cut it.

This app is not yet ready for beta-test, never mind general release.

Opening it up

Exact words on screw up: org.pdfbox.exceptions.WrappedIOException: org.pdfbox.cos.COSString cannot be cast to org.pdfbox.cos.COSName
This thing is so *** up.

The problems seem to go beyond pdf interpretation

The rendering of a particular pdf document is rife with errors where repeated letters in words like "meeting" and "committee" have one of the letters dropped. For example:

... “this neds some seasoning” (salt or peper)? What is the diference betwen meting...

has five words misspelled (mispeled!) thanks to this deduplication of repeated letters.

It is not wholly consistent throughout the rendering of the document: sometimes repeated letters are retained.

I'd be interested in a mac application that could convert documents to mobipocket format: this pdf error is a considerable problem.

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I heard of this once before,

I heard of this once before, and I suspect that is related to how the pdf encodes the locations of the different characters. I would recommend copying and pasting the text of the pdf into a text file, then opening that text file in Stanza Desktop, or in Calibre, the other major ebook converting program.

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Does not help the problem of

Does not help the problem of getting half of the book to show up from a PDF. This bug needs to be fixed fast.