The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
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How do I prevent Stanza from rotating my book?

In some cases, you want to lock the book's orientation in place, and not rotate when the iPhone or iPod Touch is turned. You can accomplish this by opening the Stanza Settings (available under the iPhone/iPod "Settings" application), selecting the "Controls & Effects" group, and then enabling the "Lock Book Rotation" option. This will cause the reading window to remain in the orientation that it was in when it was opened from the library or catalog.


Preventing rotation, text location reset bug

This isn't available in the current version (1.8), and it needs to be...switching back and forth from landscape to portrait mode several times quickly causes the program to go back to the start of the current chapter.

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Yes it is available in 1.8!

Yes it is available in 1.8!

When you tap to bring up the toolbars, tap the gear icon. Then tap "Controls", at the bottom right. The first setting listed is Lock Book Rotation.

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Lock Book Rotation Now in Settings

The above instructions were for an older version of Stanza. Since then we've moved Lock Book Rotation to the settings accessible from within Stanza.

- While reading a particular book, tap on the middle third of the screen to pull up the menu bars.
- Click on the settings icon (the gear at the bottom middle of the screen).
- About 2/3rds of the way down, you will see an option for "Lock Book Rotation".
- Turn "Lock Book Rotation" to "ON"

I hope this helps.

Rotation locking preference inside

Most of the time I want accelerometer-mediated rotation ON, except when I'm reading in bed, where the iphone is on its side, but since I am too, I /want/ the text sideways.

It'd be neat to have the rotation-lock preference in the mini-prefs screen, rather than having to exit the app to alter it.

No selection

there doesn't seem to be a "Controls & Effects" group. All I could see were "General", "Advanced", and "Stanza Information".

Lock rotation on ipod touch

Unable to find/see 'Control & Effects' group with Stanza 1.4.

Under Settings/Stanza i show 'General', 'Advanced' & 'Stanza Information'.

'General' shows 'Auto-Load Last Book', 'Show Phone Status', 'Dim Screen..' & 'Display Thumbnails'

'Advanced' shows 'Primary On-line Catalog', Download Timeout' & 'Shared Books Domain'.

Where do I find 'Control & Effects'?

Lock rotation

Hi - Well, I would like to be able to lock rotation as the default common to all books and from session to session - having turned the ipod off and then on too. In other words, be able to disable rotation having set it one way. Is this possible?