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How can I restore my books if they get deleted or disappear after an update?

Users of many other iPhone applications have reported data loss problems after installing updates, and sadly, Stanza is no exception. This is a rare bug in Apple's iPhone/iPod operating system.

There is a procedure you can follow to prevent losing your Stanza library until Apple has resolved the issue. Note that this procedure works equally well for all iPhone applications, not just Stanza.

  1. Back up your iPhone by syncing it with iTunes just before you install any update.
  2. Disconnect your iPhone and install the update on the device.
  3. If you didn’t lose your books, all is fine. If you did lose your library, you can restore it from the backup. But you have to be very careful. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes automatically overwrites the existing backup with a new one. Since you just lost your data on the device, this will effectively delete your previous backup from iTunes! To prevent this, you need to do the following:
    1. Disable automatic syncing for your iPhone in iTunes’ preferences before you connect the iPhone again (iTunes > Preferences > Syncing > Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods).
    2. Connect your iPhone and wait until it appears in iTunes’ sidebar. Since syncing is disabled, iTunes won’t back up your data automatically.
    3. Right-click (or control click) on the iPhone and select “Restore from backup”.


i have Back up my iPhone by

i have Back up my iPhone by syncing
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Tap the blue "Download"

Tap the blue "Download" button in the upper right corner. The first time you do this, you'll be asked enter the credit card number you used to buy the book in order to unlock it. Then just go to the main Stanza Library page, and you'll see your book in Recent Downloads.
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Your method are useful .. i

Your method are useful .. i tried and successful
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Sync before updating, but...

Rather than turning auto sync off, why can't you just leave your iphone connected after syncing and then run the app updates from the desktop...and THEN restoring from backup if necessary??

Also, in my itunes, when you select "Restore from Backup" i have a drop down list with dated backups. The top one is from the current connection & sync...but you can select the second one/next most recent and use THAT backup for the system restore. Obviously you'll lose anything that occured between the 2 syncs, but that's only problematic if you allow a gap.

Hope this helps.

i can't install Stanza after i restore my iPhone bcoz of a prob.

i had my iPhone restored because i am experiencing problems with it, when i tried to re-install Stanza, the device didn't do it.
i also tried syncing the device on the computer but it, also, didn't work...

yeah me too..when i playwatch

yeah me too..when i playwatch ip man 2 onlineit cannot read

I had the same problem, but

I had the same problem, but for me the answer was simple -- my dog made some small damages to cable. Just used new cable. Hope this can help to someone. Check the cables first!
My last blog post about basic old photo restoration.

yeah thanks for that,. now i

yeah thanks for that,. now i canwatch shrek 4 forever afternice

losing books from stanza...

I have just upgraded and have lost all my books that I spent ages transferring onto my iphone.

I then synced with iTunes hoping they would be restored, however now I come onto the site & find instructions for not syncing with iTunes till I have turned off the sync preferences.

So I take it I have lost all my synced books, pity I did not know this b4 syncing, might be best to tell people about this b4 they lose their books... !!

don't know how but somehow !!

One is always confronted with

One is always confronted with doubts and getting stuck with problems while using the net and it is great that we have sites like these where we can come and find a solution to our problems! Our files getting deleted due to some reason or the other is a common occurrence and when one’s book gets deleted or disappears after an update, it can be a real headache!! But sadly, there is no clear cut star ebook solution for this in Stanza also but a few preventive measures are given which can be followed and the damage can be avoided!! I am sure many readers will be benefited by this advice and will immediately make a note of it!! Very useful keep up the good work….it is really appreciated!!