PC Magazine: “Stanza is the best e-book reader for the iPhone, and my favorite.”
21 Cool iPhone Apps - Stanza

How much does Stanza cost?

Stanza iPhone and Stanza Desktop are both currently free!


I Agree

Your program is amazing.
A small fee for stanza desktop is not a problem, beacause this application is great.

would you consider to release several lite versions?

I read the faq and found out that ipod touch is not the only handheld stanza support. However, I only need the functionality to work with my ipod touch, so wonder if you'll provide a lite version which is for iphone/touch only? I would glad to buy it at less than $10.

yes a LITE version for itouch/iphone please.

i completely agree with yibo. i just need the reading functionality on my ipod touch and would like that functionality of the desktop application to remain free.