The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
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How do I change the Font, Colors, or other Stanza settings on my iPhone/iPod Touch?

For most display options, such as font size and face, background and foreground colors, and interline and justification options, you can change those by opening a book, tapping the center of the screen to bring up the toolbars, and then tapping the center gear-shaped icon.

General Stanza settings and preferences (such as auto-loading the previous books, locking book rotation, and many others) are available by touching the tools button in the upper right corner in the top-level main Library page.


Line height?

"Font sizes and colors, portrait mode or landscape, justification, line spacing, and hyphenation. It’s all under your control. Customize Stanza with your preferred style and enjoy distraction-free reading."
A quote from your main page.

Changing the leading of the text affects its appearance and readability. I deal with type a lot, and the text that I am reading needs more leading. Ideally it should be 120% the point size of the font.
Also, I can't turn hyphenation off because it is not in the settings.
Justification is on all the time.
Also ideally you should have 10-12 words per line.

Which means most of what is said on the main page of this site about customizing the type is simply not true.
I know you have the best book reader out there on the iPhone, but it needs to be better.
I'm really distracted about spacing, because I have to do typography.
Curtis L

Changing display preferences in Stanza on iPhone

I must be blind because I can't see any way to change the font typeface, the size, or the colours of anything in the iPhone's Stanza settings in the Settings application. Does this apply to Stanza 1.3 for the iPhone?

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This FAQ was out of date,

This FAQ was out of date, since with 1.3 you can change the display options from within the book-reading interface. I've updated it.