Can I transfer books from Stanza iPhone to Stanza Desktop?

We do not currently support transfers from Stanza on the iPhone/iPod Touch to Stanza Desktop, though this is something we are considering for a future version of the software.

Note that most books available in the Online Catalog are also available for download from the web. If you ever have a choice of format, pick ePub. If ePub is not available, pick plain text (.txt).

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Also note that Stanza iPhone's books are backed up as part of the normal iTunes backup process, and so will usually be available on your local machine. For one way to extract your books from backup, see


I want that feature

I totally want this feature. With the release of the iPad, and the iPhone 4, which has that new hot "retina" display, I can see myself reading a lot more often on this things. Stanza is my app of choice.

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Online Catalog

There should be a way to include the online catalog WITHIN Stanza for the Desktop in the same way that it is included in the iPhone. Stanza has the potential to turn any laptop into a Kindle or iPad, because those devices can easily be duplicated with a simple application, such as Stanza. I would hope to see this happen in the near future.

Restore to backup lost all my books

I just restored my ipod from a backup I'd made ten minutes before. Stanza didn't have any books in it anymore.

I see above me that this is a known bug but the solution described didn't work. I'd backed it up ten minutes before.

The easy and obvious solution here is to allow the transfer/backup of books on the ipod to the desktop in a usable format, and a location of the user's choice.

I love Stanza. I would gladly pay a couple of bucks for an upgrade/version that provided that functionality.

I am with you on

I had the same problem when i

I had the same problem when i tried restoring my books back to Stanza, i lost everything. I followed the booklet as instructed but to no avail, I keep getting the following error message:

The capitalized key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in HSA this document are to be interpreted as described in BCP 14, RFC 2119 (Bradner, S., “Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels,” March 1997.) [TERMS].

Anybody have any fixes?

Annotations from phone to desktop

Please please add a feature to be able to transfer books from the phone back to the desktop with annotations intact. Otherwise there is no way to preserve notes past one reading. I can't store my books on my phone forever, but if I delete one, I lose all of my annotations and comments. This feature would make Stanza a truly outstanding app, above and beyond just a reader.

Transferring books from iPhone to desktop for backup

My concern is if I have to reset my iPhone and the books I purchased (I chose ePub over Amazon to support an open format) only exist on my iPhone, I will lose the books.


I have stanza on the iPod touch, and I have a couple of hundred books on it. I'm considering upgrading to an iPhone, but if I do, is there any way to transfer the books I have downloaded (mostly from Feedbooks), or will I simply have to download them all over again?

Upgrading to iPhone from Touch

I am also in the same situation. I just got an iPhone and realized none of my books are there. Emily mentions restoring from backup but I am not sure how to do that since it is the back of the iPod, not the iPhone. Can anyone offer some steps?

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Well crap

I have like a hundred books on my iPod ... you mean I have to download them AGAIN to get them onto my computer?

p.s. I can't read your captcha. This is my third try. I'm 34 y.o with excellent eyesight.

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Your books do get backed up

Your books do get backed up to your computer by iTunes during the backup part of the sync process. (That's the part where iTunes says "Backing up John's Phone", so you must let the backup complete.) The books are not stored in a human-readable format, but you should be able to restore all of your books to Stanza on the iPhone if you need to do a full restore of your iPhone.

Right now, there are no e-book reading programs that allow you to transfer books from the iPhone to a computer. As we mention, we do hope to allow transfers in the other direction at some point in the future.

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Think this is one of the few

Think this is one of the few instances that a person would be disappointed that he did not get a positive answer for his query as to whether he can transfer books from Stanza iPhone to Stanza Desktop!! But I am sure with the fast development of mobile solutions technology; this will be possible in the immediate future!! It sure is a tough job keeping everyone happy and the fact that you have to keep updating yourself on all the latest innovations in the field is really mind boggling!! Must appreciate the time and effort shown by the people working here to furnish us with whatever questions we ask them!!

Backup from iPhone to Desktop

+1 on some way to backup from iPhone to Desktop. After recovering my laptop from a disk crash, my iTunes sync is in a strange state. It backs up ok, but it does not sync the apps between the desktop and iPhone. When I go to reenable app sync, I get a warning that all data will be replaced, which sounds like I'll have to redownload all my books again. It would be nice to be able to backup to Stanza Desktop.