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How do I provide information to Lexcycle support if there is a problem with Stanza Desktop on Macintosh?

If you are experiencing problems with Stanza, either due to it failing to launch, or due to errors or bad behavior during the program running, it is helpful to report any error messages that Stanza might be generating. This information obtained through the use of the Apple Console.

If you've never used the console log before, launch this application:


It should show the console log in a window titled "console.log". Scroll to the bottom for recent messages.

If you're not sure whether a message is from your app's failure or not, keep the console log open and try launching your app again. If it outputs anything to the console log, you'll see the window contents change.

If there are messages in console.log, copy and paste them into your message, either to support or to the user forum on which you are posting.