Troubleshooting sharing books between Stanza Desktop and Stanza iPhone/iPod

If you are having problems sharing books between Stanza Desktop and Stanza iPhone/iPod, please try these suggestions:

  1. If you are on Windows, and when you attempt to enable sharing with the "Tools"->"Enable Sharing" menu you get an error about Bonjour not being installed despite having already installed it, it sometimes helps to open the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel and remove Bonjour completely, then reboot, and then do a fresh install from the file at
  2. If you are unable to see your PC's name in the "Shared Books" section of Stanza iPhone, and you 1) have a book open in Stanza Destop, and 2) have enabled sharing in Stanza Desktop without any errors, then you should check to ensure that both the machines are on the same wireless network. You can compare the names of the wireless networks for each device:
    • iPhone/iPod: Launch the "Settings" application and examine the value of the "Wi-Fi Section".
    • Windows: Open the "Control Panel" program and select the "Network" option to see the wireless network name.
    • Macintosh: Open the "System Preferences" application, select "Network", highlight the "AirPort" section of the list, and examine the setting of the "Network Name".
  3. If you are not part of an existing wireless network, but your desktop does have a wireless card, you can still share books between your desktop and iPhone/iPod by following these instructions
  4. If you are able to see your PC's name from the "Shared Books" menu, but it gives a timeout error after trying to connect, then the problem may be one of the issues listed below.
    1. It may be that Stanza Desktop has popped up a dialog asking you whether you want to allow the device to connect. The dialog is sometimes hidden by other windows, so you may want to try moving other windows out of the way to see if it is visible. You can also bypass the need for this dialog by selecting the "Tools"->"Allow anonymous sharing" menu item and then restarting Stanza Desktop.
    2. Ensure that if your firewall is enabled, that it allows traffic to port 9562, which is the port over which Stanza shares books. Stanza also uses Apple's "Bonjour" service to broadcast the sharing service to the iPhone. If firewall problems persist, you may consider disabling the firewall altogether while you are transferring books between your devices.
    3. Your router may have a firewall enabled that is preventing your iPhone from connecting to your PC. Firewall configurations on routers vary so greatly that it isn't possible to provide generic instructions for opening access to Stanza, but you may want to consult your router's documentation for instructions on how to disable your router's firewall long enough to see if doing so allows you to share your books. Alternatively, if you have access to another wireless network, you may want to connect both your PC and your iPhone to the other network and see if the problem resolves itself.
    4. Are you connected to a public wifi network, such as one provided by your school or work? If so, the administrator may have configured the network to prevent data transfers like sharing. In this case, we recommend uploading to a website, as described in this faq:

    5. Look at your the settings for your wifi connection on your iPhone, and make sure you have HTTP Proxy set to "OFF".
    6. If you are running a VPN for connecting to school or work, make sure the VPN is turned off when you want to share using Stanza Desktop.
    7. Is it possible that you accidentally selected "Never" from the pop-up windows asking for permission to connect your computer and your iPhone? If so, you might need to delete your permissions, as described in this FAQ:

    8. Did you used to be able to share and now you suddenly can't? If so, try rebooting your computer, and briefly switching your iPhone to Airplane Mode and then back again. Sometimes you just need to reconnect both devices to the network to get them communicating properly.


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I second the plea for a Linux

I second the plea for a Linux version, Linux is my OS of choice, in fact if the power supply of my laptop hadn't malfunctioned (forcing me to use a friend Windows Vista Laptop) I wouldn't have discovered your excellent application. As Java seems to be your support, the effort to port it to Linux would likely not be too disproportioned in return for a highly competent and vocal community adopting your product !
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Sharing books between stanza

Sharing books between stanza desktop and stanza I-phone are not working properly in windows operating system. To troubleshoot this problem certain steps are to be processed in the windows operating system. First take the control panel and click “add or remove programs” button. Then remove the Bonjour completely. Then reboot the system and install a fresh “bonjour for windows” file. Also just compare the names of the wireless networks for devices like I-phone/iPod, windows, Macintosh etc. Call Center Manager

Issues with Bonjour

So I was able to transfer fine a couple of weeks ago. All of a sudden now I can't. Getting the Bonjour error even thought it IS installed. I uninstalled everything to do with Apple and reinstalled everything. I've done Bonjour and then it tells me I have to do Bonjour again and when I go again it says it's already there. I followed all the steps on the FAQ of this site but it's still not working.

hm.. Look at your the

hm.. Look at your the settings for your wifi connection
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yup.. last time i can share but today can not.. why??
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Recent problems downloading to my iPhone

| used to download books with no problems on my Stanza app on the iPhone. Now though, I am always getting an error and the app won't download a book I got (even though Stanza desktop opened it).
I've tried direct download from the internet to the app, and through Stanza desktop but neither option is working.
This is the error I get: Failed to download and import " Book": Unable to translate "Book" for import: Unable to parse OPF data from zip: /var/mobile/Applications/3C57CC2E-C9CC-4F65-AE28-0B446A8293D1/Documents/Downloads/dowload-0.epub-explode
Any idea on a possible fix?

I have a similar problem.

I have a similar problem. Message reads:
Import Failed
Failed to download and import 'Unknown': Unable to translate 'Unknown' for import.
Any ideas?

Fixed: Firewall Incoming Connections App Issue

All -

What seems to have broken things for me is that at some point I installed an upgrade to Stanza, and the firewall did not recognize it as the same app for which I had previously allowed incoming connections.

I suppose I could have disabled the firewall completely, but I didn't want to do that, so I was specifically enabling Stanza, but the "old" Stanza that was no longer there.

So I removed and re-added Stanza to the list of apps allowing incoming connections. Here are instructions:

* Go to System Preferences, Security, ensure that "Set access for specific services and applications" is selected, if this is the setting you want.

* Find, and remove it by clicking the "-" button.

* Click the "+" button to add a new app, and find and select "Stanza" in Applications.

I think I exited and restarted the Stanza app, but I don't know if that's necessary.

It works now! :)

- Keith



Thanks for that detailed

Thanks for that detailed guide


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change to "Open using Rosetta" - Stanza iPhone will see Desktop

close stanza on your iphone
close stanza on your mac

in the snow leopard finder:

select the stanza app
click command-i or the get info item from the file menu
select "open using rosetta"

open stanza on your mac
open stanza on your iphone

on your iphone:

navigate from your library to shared books to your shared desktop to your shared books

works for me...

Me too

I've just bought a new system with Snow Leopard installed. I upgraded to beta 18. This was my first attempt to upload to my iPod Touch since the change. The open using rosetta setting is the only thing that worked.

Program doesn't start.

No matter how many time i uninstall and reinstall it the program will not start up on my desktop, the processes will jump up one and stanza.exe will be visible for a second then it goes away a second later. and never loads up. pretttttty shaddy,

PC to Iphone transfer

I had the same problem like the most of you. When I would try to download files onto my iphone from my pc I would get an error messege "host timed out" or something to that nature. All I had to do is just turn my firewall off and it instantly saw the books on my pc. After I was done transfering I just turned on my firewall. I tried opening a port before but didn't work.

I need help

So I have Stanza on my iPhone 3G and on my desktop. I follow step by step instructions and even the troubleshooting and cannot get my books from my comp to my iPhone. I pull up a book that I want to transfer and pull up Stanza on my phone, then touch shared books and it says books on owner-pc (which is the name of my comp) and i touch that and it has a pop up that says catalog error timed out. What do I do now? Ive enabled my firewall and cookies and Im not very computer literate but I can follow directions very well. Cal someone please help me step by step if theres anything Im missing. Please I really wana read the Twilight series! :)
Thank you,

iPhone to PC - had to add a route

None of these hints helped in my case. I created an adhoc wireless network between my PC & iPhone but it was still not working. One thing to note is that I could not use the Windows Wireless utility, I am using the Intel ProSet/Wireless app. Anyway I am an IT guy by trade so I thought I should be able to figure it out myself. I started with basic troubleshooting. What are the IP addresses on the wireless net? Both the PC and iPhone had 169.254.x.x addresses. Good. Make a note of them. Next I opened a cmd prompt from my PC and tired to ping my iPhone's IP address with no luck. hmmmm, I used a route add command on the PC to force a communication path and that worked!
Example: If the iPhone IP address is and the PC wireless IP is
then the command is:
route add mask
To find the IP address on your iPhone go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> click on the network name
To find the IP on your PC open a DOS window also known as a command prompt by clicking START -> RUN -> type CMD and press enter. When the DOS window opens type ipconfig and press enter. If you are on a network you might get more than one IP address listed. Select the one identified as wireless. From this DOS windows you can run the ROUTE ADD command.

I hope this helps,


Thank you so much! I was tearing out my hair trying to get this to work. You're amazing!


This worked where nothing else did. Thanks, Dave!


thanks for thatip man 2

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Sharing books between Shared Desktop (PC) and iTouch

I have done all of this:

If you are unable to see your PC's name in the "Shared Books" section of Stanza iPhone, and you 1) have a book open in Stanza Destop, and 2) have enabled sharing in Stanza Desktop without any errors, then you should check to ensure that both the machines are on the same wireless network.

You can compare the names of the wireless networks for each device:
iPhone/iPod: Launch the "Settings" application and examine the value of the "Wi-Fi Section".
Windows: Open the "Control Panel" program and select the "Network" option to see the wireless network name.

... but I still can't see my PCs name in Shared Books. What can I do?

RE: Sharing books between Shared Desktop (PC) and iTouch

Yes, I have the same problem. I did all of those things, but the stanza Shared Books doesnt recognize my computer

RE: Sharing books between Shared Desktop (PC) and iTouch

Yes, I have the same problem. I did all of those things, but the stanza Shared Books doesnt recognize my computer

will only download 2 pages from pc to iphone 2g


i was trying to download a service manual ebook pdf file for a yamaha quad. however it will only download 2 pages

its 49mb in size, the whole ebook

any help would be appreciated

Emily's picture

When you opened the book in

When you opened the book in Stanza Desktop, were you able to see all the pages?

somethings wrong

dude for some reason when i open it from my computer instead of the title being harry potter and the author being j.k rowling it says Unknown by Unknown. i tried to edit that part to make it harry potter by J.K Rowling but it doesnt work. can you please somehow help me. if i try to download this to my iPod Touch it will say Unknown.


To edit the title and author

To edit the title and author information in Stanza Desktop, go to View->Book Info, and edit the information there. You won't see the changes immediately, but when you transfer the book to your iPod Touch it will have the correct information.

You can also edit the author and title in Stanza on your iPod Touch by tapping in the center of the book while reading, and then tapping on the "i" icon in the upper right corner.

Transfering books to pc

I have a pc and I dowloaded everything, enabled sharing. I have a router on my computer that is how I get internet on my Ipod touch. How would I transfer books from computer to Ipod?

iphone to desktop

I'm able to move books from my desktop to my ipod, but how do I move a book from my ipod to the desktop?

I have an ipod touch 1g, and am using Windows XP SP3.

iPod Touch to desktop?

I've downloaded books to my iPod Touch so my question is the exact opposite of what is being asked here — how to I share those books with my desktop?

my iphone can see the stanza desktop, but

when i try to enter the desktop shared books, it pops up a page asking me to input: 'Secure catalog', there are user name and password to be filled, what is that 'Secure catalog'?

Any answer to this one?

I've just upgraded to a 3G and Stanza on it does this exact same thing. I thought it might be after my login details for the site so I tried those but no joy.

Anyone found a solution to this one yet? I really miss being able to read books on my iPhone.

I don't view shared books

Hi! I'm using Stanza Desktop 1.0.0-beta13 build #1:375. My iMac runs Leopard 10.5.5. My iPod Touch is a 8GB model running the 2.1 firmware (don't jailbroken). When I try shared my books in accordance with that manual, I view item "Books on my imac" into "Shared books", but it empty... P.S.: Leopard firewall is turned off. And when I first time open item "Books on my imac" on my iTouch, I view dialog-window "The iPod would like to connect to Stanza and download books", I push "Always Allow" button...

I have exactly the same problem...

but I don't see any replies from Stanza folks about this issue. Why is that? Am I looking in the wrong place? I don't want to mess around and work on it for two hours, so I'm about to give up and delete the app.

Addition small problem

everything works fine but each time i open the program on my desktop open a book/s it make a new listing of my desktop on my iphone how do i remove these. It just add a number after each one

Same problem here. Anyone

Same problem here. Anyone have an answer how to remove the extra #'s?

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This happens in Windows when

This happens in Windows when instead of quitting Stanza Desktop, you just close the current window. Stanza Desktop continues to run in the background. When you launch Stanza Desktop again, Windows doesn't notice that Stanza is already running, and it launches a new instance of Stanza. When you look at Shared Books on your phone, you'll see one entry for each instance of Stanza running on your computer.

To get rid of the different entries, you'll need to reboot, since it's hard to identify Stanza in the Task Manager. Then, in the future, you can prevent this from happening by selecting "Exit" from the File menu to quit Stanza Desktop, rather than just closing the window.

We plan to fix this behavior in the next version of Stanza Desktop.

a joke

I find it highly interesting that i have several other programs that have absolutely no issues at all w/ the bonjour service. However, Stanza, no matter how many times I've reinstalled said service, and reinstalled the program, and the app on my Iphone, I still receive the msg about installing the service. I wanted to, and wish I could recommend this book reader to everyone. Unfortunately, I think everyone should stay away from this buggy codding. Its just not worth the hassle. Its easier to just use the Airshare app and its internal book reader. It works right, the first time.

No Problem

I think its fine, I had the same problem with the Bonjour service. Once I clicked no, it never asked me again, and I have been able to run Stanza fine.

loading book through Stanza desktop onto iPhone

All i had to do was disable the firewall on my Mac and hit the button for shared books on the Stanza app on the iPhone. A dialogue box asked for permission, and once granted, the book appeared on the iPhone, ready to download.

opening port 9562 on Mac/Tiger

It's all very well saying you should disable your firewall if you want to load a book through Stanza desktop. That does work (for me at least) but it is bad practice from the security point of view. One is supposed to be able to achieve the same by making sure port 9562 is open, but I don't see any way to do that -- none of the services one can allow in sharing preferences seems to use that port number (this is with MacOS 10.4.11). Contrast this with Google Desktop, which adds itself to the list of services you can enable in sharing setup when you install it. There seems to be a gap in how Stanza works here and I hope it will be fixed (or some clever Unix instruction provided instead -- I must ask our computer manager).

how to do it!

I've had another look and spotted something I missed before! Go to system preferences > sharing > firewall. You should see a button 'new'. Click on this and then set the port name to 'other'. Then enter TCP port number 9562 and name Stanza (leave the UDP port number field blank). Then OK it and Stanza should appear on the list (pointing to that entry will confirm the port number). If you need to (e.g. to stop your little brother being able to transfer your X-rated books to his iPod), you can turn the Stanza port on your computer on or off using the Services tab.


This worked perfectly both with the firewall off (yikes!) and when I turned it back on!

Going the Online Catalog route NEVER worked, not even with a hole punched through the firewall. This worked like a charm.

I've been banging my head on a brick wall since I downloaded Stanza. Configuring Calibre to work with it gave me migraines until your posts on the subject.

I can't even open Stanza! It comes up and freezes, so I'm basically using Calibre to load books into Stanza. If the Calibre guy makes his own program, Stanza is dead. I'm using a G4 Titanium with the latest 10.4 system software.

Emily's picture

If Stanza freezes, and you

If Stanza freezes, and you are running 10.4, it means you need to update Java. Tiger doesn't update Java automatically for a reason that has never been revealed to me.

Thanks for the tip :-)

Your tip on the Firewall setting worked perfectly. I had trouble accessing files from the desktop in my iPod but as soon as I implemented the specific port setting in the Firewall rules, it started working.

I like the Stanza APP BUT!

The sharing problem is a Stanza APP implementation problem - so far I've un-installed, re-downloaded and re-installed Bonjour on Vista. I re-installed Stanza on Vista as well. I can see my PC (name) in the Ipod touch sharing but no books or sharing (not sure what I should see) is allowed. All of this just for Stanza. You know what? Apple Remote works fine. Ewallet works fine. Mobile Finder works fine. All of these apps do just what Stanza is trying to do but without the angst. I DO like Stanza and will keep it if nothing else because it comes with a decent bible ebook for free - I'll try sharing again when you guys are up to 2.0 or something.
Winston Lawrence

This Doesn't Work

I'm using Stanza Desktop 1.0.0-beta11 build #1:346. My workstation runs Windows XP SP2. My iPhone is a 16GB 3G model running the 2.01 firmware. It's never been "jailbroken".

I turned the firewall off on my PC and I still cannot see my PC in "Shared Books". Sharing is turned on in Stanza Desktop. Enabling Anonymous Sharing doesn't change this behavior. I can ping my iPhone from my PC, and they are on the same network.

Does not work

Stanza Desktop 1.0.0-beta11 build #1:346
Windows XP SP2.
iPhone 8GB 2G model running the 2.01 firmware

I tried turning on the firewall port using the instruction from the FAQ on my PC, not working. Not working even after disabling the network.

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You may want to take a look

You may want to take a look at, where additional problems were solved by connecting directly to the PC from the iPhone.