Help! Stanza won't load onto my ipod touch

i have an ipod touch 8gb with the 2.2.1 OS.

recently, stanza vanished from my ipod. i've tried to reload it, but when i apply the changes, it tries to sync and then stanza unchecks itself.

i've been using stanza for a long time, and i only noticed it was gone a few days ago. i've tried deleting it and downloading it again, but no dice.

is there something stupid i'm doing? is my ipod somehow wonky? is it my OS? or is it some weird itunes store thing.

help is appreciated!



I have had the same problem, and I believe its the OS. I have an identical iPod, and when I updated Stanza from v1.9.1 to 2.1 from iTunes, and then synced my iPod, it was removed from my iPod. This is because v2.1 is only compatible with v3.0 iPod OS and later. The only fix I have been able to find is to search your Recycling Bin (if your using Windows) and restore the old stanza app. If you emptied the Recycling Bin, I don't know of a way to get it back. If you come across a way to get back the downgraded version, do tell, as I have the same problem.

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