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Stanza crashes on large Ebooks on iPhone 2G and 3G but not on 3GS

We have an Ebook, that is about 24 MB big. It runs great on the iPhone 3GS with the 1 Ghz Processor. But every time I try to open the book on an iPhone 2G or 3G the Stanza App crashes and there is no reading the book. As mentioned the Software performs very well for large books on the iPhone 3GS so I guess it is not a Software issue but a processor issue.

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We can not really change the file size

as every file is one document that is in itself a document. If 3GS can do it then Stanza must run out of memory when unzipping the file (24 MB, unziped 170 MB). The mobi file for the Kindle iPhone App works perfectly well on 2G and 3G. But the file is only half the size (13MB).


Unzipping the file is

Unzipping the file is unlikely to be the problem - that woauld be stored into flash not RAM. The whole idea is to keep the individual fragments at a manageable size, but not too small so that there are too many of them.

It could be down to the fact

It could be down to the fact that the app simply runs out of memory? The 3GS has twice as much RAM as earlier models (256MB v 128MB). Since the system takes around 32-40MB in both cases the ram available to apps is more than twice on the 3GS. I suspect that is much more likely to be the issue than the processor being the issue.

There could also be an issue with the internal structure of the ePub file. It is recommended that the content is broken into multiple XHTML files and that these files should be less than 400KB in size. Depedning on what tool was used to generate the EPUB this constraint may or may not have been obeyed.

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Yes, I done a top with my jailbroken iPhone and the App does run

Yes, I done a top with my jailbroken iPhone and the App does run out memory indeed! The Epub file is sturctured according to the standards of EPUB, also see: http://trac.ywesee.com/ticket/198#comment:2

Each FI is a separate HTML-File, usually between 10k and 30k, in rare cases 100k. All images are under 30k.

So the culprit is the ram then. Well luckily there is still a Kindle App that can read a mobi file. Mobi-Files are only half the size because of kindlegen. But the also take much longer to generate. ;)

Maybe the problem in this

Maybe the problem in this case is that the files are too small - and with a large book the housekeeping of the large number of files involved is causing a problem? The Epub standard allows a lot of latitude in this area and maybe it is not cler what is best for each device type?

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