Epub chapters don't show up on iPhone

I downloaded several epub books from Swashwords and sent them to my iphone via Calibre server. When I do this and download the epubs to the iphone no chapters show up in "some" of the epubs on the iphone. I can see the covers but upon opening the ebook I only see blank pages. However, they do show up and are accessible in the Calibre desktop apps.

After reading tons of forums: This is what I have attempted so far:

1. I have checked the conversions, all are in epub format.

2. Updated Stanza to 2.1.1

3.. Checked the "Display Styles" setting under the Stanza Layout Settings AND TURNED THIS OFF

4. Under "Appearance" TURNED OFF "Use Nighttime Theme"

5. I have downloaded Sigil and run the epubs there, the chapters show to be there but DO NOT load on my iphone.

Can someone help with this problem please?

I have been using Stanza for iphone for about 6 months and this is the first time that I have had any problems with it.

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB

OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium x64-based PC

check my post in the blank pages thread

Check out my post in the blank pages thread. It may help.

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