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Hi, just checking to see if Stanza will be available as a full iPad application?

Great app!


Stanza for iPad was released a couple of days ago.


I had ALL my fictionwise books backed up to a hard drive but no way to get them to the ipad (things like removing drm are just bad luck for me). Fictionwise is not letting people download some of the books they had purchased years ago (I have been reading ebooks since the handspring visor) and there was no way to get them on the ipad.

Stanza lets you add content thru itunes! Hooray!

THANK YOU...all my books in ONE place now! Happy Day!!

Or, just wait a bit... as

Or, just wait a bit... as happened! Stanza 3.0 available now for i-devices, including iPad.

OTOH, read some posts here, a couple of glitches, but otherwise working well.

Not dying, killed by Amazon?

Presumably Stanza isn’t dying a natural death (no further coding is necessary, just some settings changes and a recompile), but being killed deliberately by Amazon to reduce competition.

Turns out the same...

If Lexcycle has already stated they're not going to tweak their already popular program to accommodate the latest/hottest device out there (should not be a programming stretch as it's still an Apple device), it sounds like they are dying. Whether it's "being killed by Amazon" or "have no intent to keep up". it turns out the same.

I was looking forward to using Stanza on my iPad, but it looks like I'll just have to switch to iBooks.

Lexcycle have already stated

Lexcycle have already stated that they have no intent of producing an iPad optimised version.

It sounds as though Stanza is dying as far as any new development is concerned.

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