The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
Tip of the Week: Turn Your iPhone Into an e-Book

First chapter also last chapter

The first chapter is loading as the last chapter also

I am running Stanza 2.1.1 on iPhone 3GS 16GB

The ebooks read fine on Windows Vista - all chapters in proper order. On Stanza, I read the first chapter then the rest of the book except for the last chapter which is replaced with the first chapter. Which is excessively annoying - why else read a book except to get to the last chapter?

Any ideas on how to fix this? Also - is there a search function for this forum? I was unable to find one.


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I'm guessing that the book

I'm guessing that the book itself may be incorrectly formatted. If the book is in the EPUB format, you could try to fix it yourself by unzipping it and hand-editing the XML metadata (probably named content.opf or toc.ncx). I bet that the last chapter in the content's metadata is incorrectly referring to the first chapter.

If none of that makes sense to you, you may need to contact the original source of the book and let them know that their book is corrupt.

Nothing? No one? Bummer. I'm

Nothing? No one? Bummer.

I'm going to have to find a new program to turn my phone into a reader. While I could list many things that I like about Stanza, not being able to finish a book drops Stanza from my favorite program to my most hated program.

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