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Need a iPad version

We need the Lexcycle team to modify the reader for the iPad. The current one for the iPhone works but would be much better if fonts were changed for the large Size of the iPad

I hereby grant your request.

I hereby grant your request.

would pay for Stanza on iPad

i would gladly pay for Stanza on iPad, even if it was $20.

LexCycle have already

LexCycle have already announced that they have (unfortunately) no plans for an iPad optimised version.

iPad development

That would be a real shame if they didn't take this to the next level with the iPad. It would be a fantastic app on the iPad.

Needed iPad version

Love stanza on iPhone. Hope you do a compatible iPhone iPad version so that books downloaded and bought for iPhone version are transferable to iPad

iPad app

I second the request. I'd be perfectly willing to pay for the app. On the iPad. It's the perfect platform for the program.

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