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Help!cant turn pages in stanza iphone!

I have stanza 1.9 on my ipod touch and it was working perfectly fine untill recently.Now when i open a book in stanza iphone it remains stuck on the same page,no amount of tapping or swiping turns the page and stanza keeps displaying the same page.Also when i tap the screen after opening the book only the title is visible the toolbar doesnot appears.I have tried downloading a book but that has not solved my problem.I dont have the latest version of stanza,2.21,and the version of my ipod touch is 2.21.So is it because of the older version or is it because of somethng else?More importantly how do Ifix this problem?

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This was a known problem that

This was a known problem that would occasionally crop up in Stanza 1.9. The only solution is to get past the "stuck" page by either fiddling with the font size until you are able to move the page, or else use the slider to go ahead. Typically, this problem would only affect a few pages in the entire book, so you shouldn't need to keep doing this too often.

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