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Stanza update with iPad support now in app storr

Stanza on iPad with fullforce is sooooo good, I dont know if I want to install this update. Please, screenshots!! Can I adjust the margins down?


I love the fact that Stanza now allows you to add content thru iTunes. But stupid question.
How do you remove a book from the app section of iTunes? I did a dummy and have duplicates. Still a MacBook novice but just can't figure this one out!

Thank you Stanza so much for this app without the pixel doubling. It is worth more than many many of the free apps....so I plan on donating....again!

I love it!!!

I was so happy to see this today. I just bought an IPad and was preparing to move all of my books to IBooks. Now I don't have to! YEAH!!! The only thing I'd change is to add the capability to have a two-paged book when you're in landscape mode (ala IBooks).

Any screenshots anywhere?

Anyone seen or posted any screenshots on the iPad? Probably on this very site and I haven't looked yet.

Do you have control over windows or windows size on the iPad? How well do the color themes work?

Everything seems to work as

Everything seems to work as well as it did on the iPhone. One thing I have noticed which I didn't pay much attention to on the iPhone (screen size makes the error more visible) is that Stanza doesn't always get the formatting right. I just downloaded a book from my Fictionwise bookshelf. I have the same book on my iPad in iBooks. There are several places where titles or headers are supposed to be centered -- obvious when you look at the iBook rendering with the correct formatting. The Stanza rendering has the items left justified. Very odd and ugly looking.

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ipad app won't sync with Fictionwise

When I put in my Fictionwise id and password - it's not working in Stanza, but it works fine in the eReader iphone app. Any one else experiencing this?

Cannot log into fiction wise. Workaround?

I am having the same problem.

If I use Safari to go to my library though SOMETIMES it will start the download and offer to open the file in Stanza.

Hope this is fixed in next version!

Touble with update

on my ipad the stanza keeps restarting my ipad. I tap on the app and it restarts my ipad each time. I would like to know if anyone else has that problem. It works find still on my ipod touch.

As far as I know Stanza works

As far as I know Stanza works fine on the iPad for the majorit of people (it did for me).

It might be worth doing a full power-off of the iPad by holding down power off button until a full power down happens. Pressing the power button will do a full reboot.

Another possibility is uninstall Stanza, go through the reboot cycle mentioned above and then re-install. App installs are far less likely to go wrong on a freshly booted system.

I had no problem downloading

I had no problem downloading from my My Bookshelf. I should note, though, that I had previously installed the prior version of Stanza on my iPad to see if it was usable when pixel-doubled (it wasn't). The new version kept my login info.

Re: ipad app won't sync with Fictionwise

I also can not sync with Fictionwise from my iPad. I can still log in from the older version on my iPhone, so I know I have the password correct. I can not beleive that something so basic was not tested. Now I need to get a refund from Fictionwise as I have no desire to go back to the tiny screen of my iPhone. I expect that it will be a long time before the fix shows up in the app store.

Thanks to the Lexcycle Team

iPad version is a nice addition.


Works beautifully with a few glitches

First, its awesome that the iPad now has a native Fictionwise/eReader.com DRM-compatible reader!

Second, there ARE some glitches in the iPad experience, which I've contacted Lexcycle directly about. Groups like "Star Trek TOS" or "Star Trek DS9" display as "Star Trek Tos" and "Star Trek Ds9" so for some reason group names can't have multiple capital letters in one word. *shrug*

Also, when a book is open and you edit its info and groups, the text size for the group is so large, only short subjects fit. "Science Fiction" gets cut off into "Science Fi...". Reducing the default text size there would be nice.

One very odd glitch is the ability to hide the phone status display. If you do NOT hide this and tap the center of the screen to bring up the controls, the status display stays where it is, but the top controls are partially obscured by it.

Other than these small glitches, I'm loving this and dumping the 300+ books I have from Fictionwise and eReader.com on there as I type this. Now I don't feel the overwhelming urge to strip DRM (which I didn't want to do anyway) from my purchased reading material. :)

Thanks, Lexcycle, for this surprise update!

It looks far better on the

It looks far better on the iPad to use this new 3.0 version than using the old iPhone 2.x version with fullforce.

I wonder why Lexcycle were denying they would produce an iPad version? Not that I mind that they appear to have reversed that decision. Stanza has always had better support for downloading books from a wide variety of sources than the other eBook apps. Now the new version brings this to the iPad, while at the same time exploiting the larger screen to improve the reading experience! Looks like I may not be moving to iBooks as my main ebook reader after all.

Looks great! And yes, total

Looks great! And yes, total margin control.

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