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Bug report with Stanza 3.0 for iPhone 3GS

Version 3.1.3 iPhone 3GS, was running Stanza just fine. I was informed (by the phone) that there was an update available and told it to download (this was over 3G as I was out at the time). I had a book open at the time. The app d/l'd and installed with no apparent problem. I tapped the icon, Stanza opened to a blue title bar, paused briefly, went to a white screen and then the iPhone rebooted.

At that point, the Apple logo came up for about 3 minutes then the phone shut off. Nothing I could do would bring it back and I eventually had to do the full restore process (after I got home). Once it was complete (it took 3 hours!), I was again prompted (this time by iTunes) to download the new Stanza 3.0, so I did. Same thing happened again except that this time the phone recovered (by me holding the Home button down for 10 seconds) without having to do a full reset. When i opened Stanza after the recovery, it actually displayed my library for about 10 seconds, then reset the phone and again the phone hung on the Apple, and again I got it back by holding the Home button. I have now deleted Stanza.

I have no idea what to do from here -- Stanza is completely unusable and without books I'm lost!

Cheers, Dallas

The iPhone 3GS/Stanza 3.0 issues

Has there been a fix to this yet? I downloaded the new app from the App Store and saw the reviews and saw these posts - and deactivated the app before I opened it. I can't risk having my phone crash/reboot. And I WON'T risk those kinds of errors on my iPhone.

I was looking for the fix to the start up error going from Stanza desktop to the app - without uninstalling and reinstalling Bonjour EVERY SINGLE TIME I opened the application. That starts mucking up my iTunes.

HOWEVER, now that I don't have the iPhone app, I'm at a loss. I like Stanza. I would like to keep using Stanza. HOWEVER, if it's not going to work with my device, I need to find one that will work with my iPhone and .epub files. I have ebooks I read for review that I'm even more behind on now that Stanza is no longer functional for me.

IS THIS FIXED, and if not WHEN WILL IT BE? Or do they not care?

I had the same problem and I

I had the same problem and I delete and reinstall still not working. maybe I didn't delete completely. Could anyone guide me how to do it? or can I reinstall the previous version? where I can download? Thanks!

Additional input Bug in Stanza 3.0 for iPhone 3G

The same happened me on an older iPhone 3G updated to OS 3.1.3.
The phone wouldn't react to the Home button reset either, so it was touch and go.
I suggest Lexcycle look into whether their R&S team have been too iPad/4G oriented and implemented changes that will make Stanza
unstable or nonfunctioning on older iPhones. I'll gladly uninstall Stanza and install a brand new OS specific version if thats what it takes.
If this is a known issue - could Lexcycle possibly make the version before this one available for us "fossils" that haven't gotten our hands
on an iPad or an unofficial iPhone 4G ?
A suggestion for future features - in the System preferences include a bug report function that will gather the relevant information from
the Phone and send it to a specific bug report inbox/mail area; that way you could get OS/hardware/software specific input for statistics
and easier bug fixing. Today it is not possible for me to find the Stanza version number on the iPhone - since I cannot open Stanza without
my phone crashing immediately and barely gets restored afterwards; even with a deficient/nonfunctioning application you could send a
custom report on bugs, since it would be part of the Application specific System preferences in the iPhone OS.
Lastly, an admission, while I really have grown accustomed to Stanza and its my constant joy to listen to music while reading ePub format books
on the bus - and I like its GUI (when its working) - I am now taking a look at the competition. Before, I had no reason to - today, well,
let's just say I will follow this thread and the forums and see what comes out of it.


After removing Stanza completely, I tried a reinstall -- apart from having lost all my books (I can download them again, but it's going to take a while!) all seems to be well again.

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