Stanza iPad, Calibre and CBR files

Happy I was to see an iPad version of Stanza and that it now reads CBR files.

For some reason though, despite the fact that Calibre can also handle CBR files when I run the Calibre server Stanza for iPad cannot see these files to download. Is there any way to solve this problem?

There’s very few situations

There’s very few situations in life where absolutely no one looks on you in a bad light … so don’t sweat it. All I expect and accept of people is that if you do piss off someone, may it be for ethical and honest intents. The idea is that you can harness a great power for your micro-movement

The Calibre Server will only

The Calibre Server will only expose files for download to Stanza that are in ePub format.

If you want that changed then raise a enahncement request on the Calibre folk.

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