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Latest Stanza update force ipod touch to reboot and hangs

Today 4 of June was update of Stanza for iPod. I updated the application and then tried to start it. It tried to start and then force iPod to reboot. iPod long time showed only apple logo. Is this problem only with my iPod and Stanza installation? May be somebody know how to fix it? Forced reboot (pressing Home and On/Off switch for more then 10 second does not help).


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Will there be a fix for this issue?

I'm running iPhone 3GS, with all latest phone and stanza updates. I too experience hard crashes when I open Stanza following the recent update. I have an enormous library of somewhere near 2,000 books. It would be next to impossible for me to re-download my exact library if it comes to that, since I use multiple sites and it would simply take forever to remember and re-locate all my books.

-- Will there be a fix for this issue? If so, I do not want to reload the previous version and wipe out my library. I'd want to wait for a fix, even if it means I can't read anything for awhile. --edit-- I attempted the procedure recommended by Support down below. I deleted Stanza, re-downloaded the app, then restored my iphone from a previous backup. No luck. I am still experiencing a hard crash every time I attempt to open Stanza.

-- I would also join others in pleading for a way to backup the Stanza library.

How I solve the problem (get ipod touch 64 working again)

The first post was mine...
What I did. Press hard reset buttons (home and power on for more then 10 seconds). Look sadly on apple logi again :-( Wait for looong time - on my estimation about two hours. After that my ipod booted as normal. Immediatelly remove stanza. Sync with itunes. Install stanza again and re-download some of my books again. It is really disappointing experience. Now I'll lock stanza on current version forever.


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Another crashed iPod Touch :(

I'm now on my second restore, because iTunes replaced the 2.0 version of Stanza that I had recovered from my trash bin with the broken 3.0 version and crashed my iPod Touch AGAIN. I don't know if it's just large libraries-- mine was trying to expand a compressed book when it crashed. My most recent backup was from January, because backups take so long. (And restoring from backup takes a couple of hours each time, as well.) So I'll probably have to reinstall my entire library from Calibre again. And I expect I've lost the FastFinga notes I took earlier today. :(

I love Stanza. It's definitely my favorite ebook reading app, and I was thrilled to see an iPad-specific version, because I've been considering getting one. But this update is a disaster. You've known about this problem for a couple of days, and there's still no warning on your main page or alternate way to download the previous version?

Honestly, I'd rather pay a reasonable price for the app and get decent support.

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We have had a number of

We have had a number of reports of people with very large libraries having this problem, but we haven't yet reproduced it. Many large libraries have upgraded without problems. Unfortunately, the only solution might be to reboot and then delete Stanza from your device and re-install, but this will wind up deleting you entire library and require you to re-download your books. Note that you may be able to recover your books from a recent backup with the tool at http://www.lexcycle.com/faq/restoring_from_backup

If you are having a hard time rebooting the device, the instructions at http://www.iphonealley.com/tips-and-tricks/save-your-iphone-with-recover... may help.

Issue happening with smaller libraries too :(

I unknowingly updated my Stanza last night on my iPod Touch. I have a library around 200 books, and I am very nervous about opening the app with my iPod. I rely on it for a lot of things. I will now not use Stanza, and will delete the app, and revert to a previous version. Why? A friend of mine uses Stanza on his iPhone, has a library on 15 books, and the newest upgrade was responsible for a major slowdown in his iPhone OS. (The slowdown became more noticible over the day, and upon removal of the software, reverted to normal.) This is not just an issue with the iPhone OS, Lexcycle: it is an issue with your Stanza software as well. Please provide a fix for the issue. Don't leave iPod Touch and iPhone's, which are unable to upgrade to OS4.0 behind :(
What a shame. The previous version of Stanza was great and I was really enjoying it. I would rather replace my library piece by piece than have to completely restore my iPod Touch. Happily, I should be able to replace the current Stanza with the previously sync'd version, since I LOVE Stanza!! Please keep up the support!!

Me too

The update has crashed my ipod too I cant get it to boot - it just hangs at the apple - and I can't get itunes to recognise it.
I have over 700 books installed. I am really annoyed. My ipod is less than a month old.
Hope a fix is posted real soon

Finally forced it into restore -
Plug into desktop and open itunes
Hold On button and front button together and count to a least 30 (apple says 10 but thats not long enough an dit will likely go dark and come back - keep holding) - itunes should then detect it.

REALLY P*SSed that i'm going to have to reinstall everything from scratch

OKay now its gone through the whole reset and still wont start. itunes gives me an error message.

Phew its back - just needed to unplug USB and then plug back in and here is a miracle - my entire lbrary is still intact!

Hope this helps someone else

Count me in as another victim

Count me in as another victim of the 3.0 upgrade. My iPhone crashes everytime I try to use Stanza. I'm reluctant to reinstall 2.1.1 as I have over 1300 books on my iPhone and I am not particularly happy about the thought of having to reload them!

The upgrade obviously didn't have any QA testing.

I followed a couple of the

I followed a couple of the suggestions mentioned here and the one that was successful for my iPhone was the hard reset (home and power buttons for more than 10 seconds). I didn't have to reload any of my books as it looks like they are all there.

My iPod is now a paperweight, thanks Stanza

I have a latest generation iPod Touch with 64GB. I had been using the previous version of Stanza and just upgraded to 3.0.

Major mistake.

When I started Stanza, I it hung with a white blank page, then went into reboot. But the reboot went nowhere. I've tried rebooting several times. I've also turned it off, started iTunes on my 6 month old Mac Powerbook, running the latest software, and then plugged the iPod Touch into the Powerbook. It just gives me the apple reboot icon on the Touch and is never recognized on iTunes.

I've never had problems with other apps like this before.

Any suggestions? Or do I just send a bill for $400 to Stanza?

It sounds as if you need to

It sounds as if you need to force the Touch into recovery or DFU mode and then restore from iTunes (which can take a long time).

I assume that the Touch has the same method of getting into Recovery/DFU mode as described at http://www.iphonealley.com/tips-and-tricks/save-your-iphone-with-recovery-mode for the iPhone. This has worked for me in the past when an app updated has gone badly wrong.

Once you have restored if you are brave you can try running Stanza again (if you are less brave you can remove it at this stage). The problem you encountered only appears to happen for avey small minority of people, and it seems much less likely to happen on a freshly booted system.

Latest Stanza update force ipod touch to reboot

I also had this happen to me. I have a 32GB iPod Touch (3rd Gen) with the firmware at 3.1.3. I have not jail-broken this device. I sync via iTunes version on a Win7 32bit laptop.

I just upgraded Stanza from 2.1.1 to 3.0. After syncing I attempted to open Stanza - the application opened and I saw text for a few seconds, but it was unresponsive. After about 5 to 10 seconds the device reset itself, requiring a long while for it to come back up.

I deleted the app from my device and synced, then synced again to add it back. Unfortunately, opening Stanza caused a hard reset again.

Is there any further info I can provide to help troubleshooting this?

BTW, I was successful in deleting Stanza 3.0 from my device, but unfortunately it took all my downloaded books with it. Re-installing the 2.1.1 version was successful (but I'll be a long time re-creating my library - ouch!). I see on other blog entries that folks wonder how to revert to previous versions - simply open iTunes and navigate to your applications tab, drag the old version of the app from the recycle bin back to your open iTunes app (on Windows - I dunno about other OSs), delete the app from your device, sync and be prepared to rebuild your entire library. I don't know if recovering the old library is possible or not.

Stanza is the best reader I've ever used, and I've been impressed with the response time on many issues in your forum. I have no plan on (ever) changing from Stanza to anything else, even if it means I keep 2.1.1 installed permanently. Thanks for all your efforts in making and supporting this fine application!

Thanks - Dave

Also on iphone

Slightly off topic... I have the same problem (ie hard reset after a few seconds of running new version ) only mine is the iPhone 3GS, and not the latest OS even.

Can't wait for it to be fixed then I can get back to Reading my books !

Have drained the battery. Did not fix the issue

It seem that the issue is so bad that letting battery drain does not help. My iPod Touch is still in a reboot cycle.

Same here. My iPod Touch is bricked by Stanza 3.0

I have iPod Touch 64 GB. I tried to reser the iPod by pressing the start/sleep button at the top and the bottom button simultaneously for a few seconds. My iPod is not capable to reboot successfully. It just shows the apple and tries to restart again after several minutes.

It is not the first time this has happened with a similar application, so I am hopeful that after the battery is drained it will boot successfully.

I have seen exactly similar situation with the Papers app. It is a scientific bibliography app. I had closed the app when it had the PDF in reading mode by pressing the close button in iPod. I think that the method, the application saves the reading state is not compatible with the update procedure Apple uses. I had to use the forced reboot. In the case of the Papers, the iPod recovered after about 10 minutes of booting, but now with the Stanza it is left in a booting loop.

The bad thing is that the Lexcycle has not bothered to create a library backup system. They say "we have had no time". Now all my books are gone.

Why don't I have a backup of my iPod Touch?

The reason is simple. Apple iTunes versions did not support sync in my OS (XP, Vista 64, Window 7 64) and Mac OS X for about 6 months last winter. Until the latest iTunes I could not take backups. Ok, now I see my two iPods and can play with the data and could take a full backup. But there is a problem: I need to use another computer. I just just have not seen a good howto to make the computer change and preserve data. Lexcycle's attitude for the user data is just another example of the depreciation to the user.

There are 3rd party applications, which can take backups now when I see the device, but all I have seen are handicapped in some way. Apple needs to open systems. I bought this week an android phone.

Luckily, I have considered the iPods etc as toys until the iPhone OS 4.0 comes and haven's put much critical data into it.

Recover does not work in my case. DFU mode. SOLVED. Data LOST

My iPod Touch 3G 64 GB is still in reboot loop. The OS cannot start, it just gets to the point of showing the apple logo for a long time. So it is no go for the recovery if the iTunes does not see the device.

I decided to restore the iPod even if I had not been able to to keep backups because of iTunes sync problem. 10 000 pictures etc gone.

I had not read about the DFU mode, which solved my basic problem: get out of the restart loop.

Now I need to find a tool to recover some of the data, if it is possible. I have tested some tools with no luck, even if they claim to cope with my device.

"Apple iTunes versions did

"Apple iTunes versions did not support sync in my OS (XP, Vista 64, Window 7 64) and Mac OS X for about 6 months last winter."

I'm not sure what you mean, here. I've definitely had sync with every version of iTunes-and definitely did not have any 6 month period where it didn't.

Even Apple Support could not fix my issue

I live in Finland and use Finnish versions. This may or may not have something to do with this, but I doubt.

I have 2 iPod Touches. I bought the cheaper 8 GB just for testing because apple support could not help. I could replicate the connectivity issue with about ten computers. The bug was with the iTunes version.

I have seen this with my 80 GB classic. It also had years ago similar connectivity/sync issue.

I just posted this to note, that the reliance on iTunes sync in the precent Apple policy is just gamble many of us are playing. In business environment I would not even think twice getting rid of this kind connectivity.

Just read connectivity issues with the competing calendar applications for iPhone OS. e.g. Pocket Informant forum is an interesting place to read how people are trying to sync devices via WLAN/routers. Apple does not allow sync with the cable.

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