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Stanza Desktop and iPad

I have just installed the latest version of Stanza in my iPad. Have three issues.

1. When I open latest version of Stanza desktop on my PC and open Stanza on my iPad and go to Get Books/Shared I see everlasting "Searching" under "Computers sharing books" i.e. iPad doesn't see my notebook though both are on the same WiFi net, Enable Sharing is switched on in Stanza Desktop and Bonjour is installed.
2. I tried to use "Files sharing" option of iTunes to send files to iPad. It works only with PDF files. Are any other formats like DOC, TXT etc supported?
3.Is it possible to download a text of a book to iPad directly to iPad without using Stanza Desktop? I see the text of the book I found on the web on my iPad (Shared/Book Source) but I can not download it to iPad as an icon "Download" on iPad (next to the icon "Refresh") is not highlited.

Windows 7 Problem

I agree with that. Stanza dn work with Windows 7 and reports the Bonjour problem stated in the previous comment.
Please help!

Stanza desktop does not work

Stanza desktop does not work with the latest version of Bonjour (typically installed with itunes). The solution seems to be to uninstall Bonjour, reboot the machine and the re-install Stanza desktop and the re-install Stanza Desktop making sure you answer yes to the question about installing the bonjour that comes with Stanza desktop.

An alternative (which is highly recommended) is abandonn the sue of Stanza desktop for this purpose and instead use the open-source Calibre eBook management product. It has excellent integration with Stanza as well as providing a whole host of other facilties.

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Stanza Desktop no longer working on Windows 7

Several weeks ago I downloaded the Stanza desktop and was successful in moving epub books from my laptop to my iPad and my iPod Touch. There was not an issue with clicking 'enable sharing' in the Tools menu. Now when I attempt this, Desktop Stanza requires Bonjour services to be running. It then directs me download same from Apple -- this seems to be an app that allows printer sharing. In any case, using the provided link, I installed it, and got it set up. I then went back to the Stanza desktop and clicked 'enable sharing' and immediately got the following diagnostic:

An error occurred when trying to access Bonjour Services. Please report this problem to Exception: Unrecognized Windows Socket error: 0:JVM_Bind

I have more or less the same

I have more or less the same problem, except it can see my macbook pro laptop on my wifi, but it stays searching for the books that I have opened in Stanza Desktop. IT works on my iphone OK, just not the ipad.

But you can put word.doc or txt into it by connecting your ipad in itunes, go to the tab marked 'APPS' then scroll all the way down the screen. You will see Stanza listed. Select it with the mouse and you will see all the books you already have on your ipad (if any or just the ones that come with stanza if you haven't put any on yet) now you can either click the add button underneath the list and navigate to your chosen .doc .txt .rtf or pdf files, OR you can just drag them directly into the stanza list in itunes. It will then synch the files across as you want and you can read them at leisure.

Hope this helps.

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