iPad version putting everything on the first page

For some reason, every time that I open a new book in Stanza on the iPad, it puts the entire text of the book on the first page (after the cover). The book appears to have as many pages as it should, but every page after the first one is blank. Furthermore, the text on the first page appears to overflow the bottom margin. When I pinch to lower the font size, more of the book shows up on the first page, but none of the other blank pages are affected.

Unable to login to Fictionwise bookshelf . . .

I have 2 iPod Touches 32Gb. & 64Gb. and I have no trouble logging in to my bookshelf at Fictionwise. But I just updated to the the new app for Stanza on my 64Gb. Wifi iPad that takes full advantage of the whole screen and attempted to download some of my books and the app does not seem to recognize the login info provided when I tap the submit button . . . it just loops back to the login screen. Any suggestions?? I was so jazzed about this new update and I was really looking forward to being able to access all the same features that I have on my iTouches!!

Try turning off Display

Try turning off Display Styles in Settings...Does that help?

Indeed it does, thank you

Indeed it does, thank you very much! Somehow, trying everything I could think of to get it to display right, I forgot to try that! :)

I should also note that this

I should also note that this is only happening on books converted from other formats with Calibre, and loaded to the iPad through iTunes. I downloaded The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes off of Project Gutenberg, and it displayed perfectly.

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