Importing DJVU files is very slow on Ipad

Importing djvu files takes ages on the Ipad version (a single djvu file takes around 5-10 minutes). Files take way more space than they do on the PC hard drive.


... Stanza has NOT a REAL DjVu support, hasn't it? I hope sometime there will be native DjVu support.

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Two of the known limitations

Two of the known limitations of DjVu support in Stanza is that the import takes a very long time, and that the storage size is quite large. This is because internally we convert the DjVu file to PDF in order to be able to view it. We will try to address the performance and size issues in the future.

Depending on what is in the

Depending on what is in the djvu, it could probably decompress to that size.

Same here!

Please fix that! :(

I have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Transfering one DJVU file via Itunes , file size 3.37 Mb. Before transfer capacity log- Apps: 610.7 After transfer- Apps:687.8 Mb! This is really bad. Hope someone will take a look at this issue!

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