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Catalog Authentication

I have an OPDS catalog set up, which requires basic HTTP authentication.

This works fine in the iphone Stanza app - it prompts for a username & password, which I can enter, then download and read my books.

On my Windows 7 PC, running Stanza 1.0.0-beta18, when I enter the catalog URL in the Open Location option, it responds with "Page http://blah.blah/catalog.xml got response: 401: Authorization Required". It never prompts me for the username or password.

Likewise, if I try the URL as http://user:pass@blah.blah/catalog.xml in Stanza on the PC, it does the same thing.

Is this a known issue with the Windows version of Stanza?

Is there a way to get around this?

Much appreciated,


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HTTP authentication doesn't

HTTP authentication doesn't work in Stanza Desktop, unfortunately. It is only supported in Stanza iPhone.

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