Stanza for iPad would be perfect if.....

My first wish is if it could really control the iPad brightness. The brightness in Stanza is limited by other iPad settings/applications and it doesn't really seem to control the backlight, only the background color. This is evident by its lack of effect on the iPad status bar. Is this not possible for a 3rd party application? iBooks does it.


I bet third-party stuff can't

I bet third-party stuff can't control the main brightness setting. It can make itself dimmer than the global setting but doesn't have any control over the brightness outside of its own screen (hence the bright title bar).

I agree about the brightness.

I agree about the brightness. It would be nice to have it more adjustable. But for me perfection would come with a two-page layout in landscape mode. That is the one thing I like in IBooks. Otherwise I couldn't be happier that this is available for the IPad!!

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