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Do all .pdb books work in Stanza?

A pdb file is just a generic container, a bit like a zip file: it can contain anything. It's really just a file extension, and it doesn't tell you anything about the format of the file contained within. Usually a file ending .pdb is either in Mobipocket format, PalmDoc format, or eReader format.

If the file turns out to be in the Mobipocket format, then it can be opened in Stanza Desktop if is not DRM-protected. You can then use Stanza Desktop to transfer it the iPhone. if it is DRM-protected Mobipocket format, you won't be able to read it with Stanza on the iPhone or Stanza Desktop.

If the file turns out to be in the eReader format, it cannot be opened in Stanza Desktop yet, but it can be opened on Stanza iPhone regardless of whether it has DRM or not. Here are detailed instructions for transferring your personal content in eReader format to your iPhone: