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Java Error opening a PDF (java.lang.nullpointerexception

I just downloaded Stanza Desktop to test it with various file types, which reportedly it supports, including PDF. When I try to open a PDF, I receive a Java Script error: Java.lang.NullPointerException and nothing else. I have tried several approaches to creating the PDFs so that it should be readable by a number of readers (the text is text, not images, for example). I am running what I assume is the most recent version of Stanza Desktop (although the app shows no version number). Operating system is Windows XP with SP3, browser is Internet Explorer 7 (latest) and the PDFs are created with Adobe Acrobat 9.

I think this is a Stanza bug, although maybe it's just an error message indicating that it doesn't like something about the PDF but it isn't telling me what's wrong with the PDF.

another year, same problem

I was trying to change any of the .pdfs from http://www.galileoco.com/CEtestLit/literature.asp Some are just images so I expect those not to work; some, however, are searchable text .pdf versions (they begin with OCR in the filename).

so far the only thing that sort of worked a little was opening a .pdf file in adobe, selecting all, and creating from clipboard in stanza. Not idea though as the spacing is messed up, crazy characters appear now and then that I can't seem to delete in output, and it is only the first page (presumably as in adobe when I said "select all" that only selected all...on the one page)

any ideas welcome...

Have you found the core of

Have you found the core of the problem yet? Coz I have the same problem too. If it's Stanza bug, what should I do then? Please tell me coz I'm newbie about this thing.
restaurante madrid

way around the problem

open the pdf file with a pdf reader select all the text copy it then open stanza and go to file new from clipboard

ps sory if I misspeled enything

Java Problem

I downloaded a free e-book from author Brandon Sanderson and also receive the same error message. I'd be happy to email this ebook to you or supply the link as the author is distributing it for free. Feel free to email me if you want this file for your research into correcting this problem.


Sorry for my bad english, but

Sorry for my bad english, but try this. Print the book as a second pdf-file for example with Free-PDF. Voila - it works for me.

Java error

I am getting the same java error as described here. I was hoping for a solution but obviously none is forthcoming. Judging by the lack of an update to both the desktop and iphone applications, I guess none will be arriving any time soon. Pity, this was a promising app!

If you still need an example

If you still need an example I have a bunch of PDFs that do the samething :/ first time using stanza

My PDF is all images, maybe this is the reason? Im trying to put a comic on my ipod touch. The first time i tried to simpley put the scanned images in using jpegs the quality was ruined when Itunes automatically downsized them. Thought stanza would help me fix this by using pdfs..

Aren't there iPhone apps for

Aren't there iPhone apps for reading comics?

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Stanza works great for pdfs

Stanza works for pdfs with text, but it doesn't work with pdfs that are all images, like comics.

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Would either of you be

Would either of you be willing to send me or point me to a file that makes this happen? I've been try to make Stanza Desktop do this for me, and it just won't happen.


Java Error opening a PDF (java.lang.nullpointerexception)

The same bug. Please help

PDF creator frixed the problem

I had the same bug: java.lang.NullPointerException when i tried to open a .pdf file. I tried several things in Adobe Acrobat and they didn't work. I "printed" the 1,200 page document using the free PDF Creator (Win), and I was able to read the pdf into stanza no problem. May want to give that a try.

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If you have a pdf you can

If you have a pdf you can share with us or can point us to on the web that results in this error, can you share it with us so we can work on figuring out the problem? Thanks.

PDF sample from randomhouse does it for me


I downloaded the PDF for "Red Mars" and get the error.

Stanza "about"

Lexcycle Stanza

version 1.0.0-beta16 build #1:396

Beta Version - expires Mar 13, 2009

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That book is free, but it

That book is free, but it seems to have some kind of protection. That Stanza error is usually associated with DRM-protected PDFs, and Calibre also believes that it has DRM.

If I open it in Reader (9.0)

If I open it in Reader (9.0) the security settings say that document assembly, commenting, signing, and creating template pages are not allowed. If I open it in Acrobat Pro (6.0) then it says there are no security restrictions. Both apps let me cut and paste the entire thing into notepad though.

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Yes, I noticed that, too.

Yes, I noticed that, too. Interestingly, I couldn't open the text file in Calibre for what seemed like an unrelated reason.

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To find out the version

To find out the version number, look in the Help menu for About Stanza.

We've never heard of this particular behavior. When you tried opening files in other formats, did you get the NullPointerException? If not, open your pdf in Adobe Reader, copy the text of your pdf, and then launch Stanza and select "New From Clipboard". Do you still get an error message?

If you know of a pdf that does this and that we can access, can you give us the name or URL so we can try to test it out?


i can send you a pdf that i

i can send you a pdf that i have...i have two both adobe pdf and when i try to open it with stanza it does the same message if you would like i could send the file to you...i have two adobe and one microsoft ebook and the micro works fine (im so happy about that) but the other two dont so please help

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