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What credit card # when using micropay?

I have a book that I just purchased on Fictionwise using MicroPay.

When I download and try to open the book, the DRM manager asks for the credit card that I used to purchase the book, only there was NO credit card used! So how do I unlock the book.

Same potential problem: Fictionwise accepts PayPal payments. What number would be used to unlock that book on my iPhone?


thank you

I find it very useful. I appreciate it.

Hi, I was also having


I was also having problem unlock a book in my iphone. But because I was having trouble with it I didn't bother unlocking it anymore since been searching online but can't find the answer. Now, I know what to do and probably will try to get to it later.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, I can get to it successfully and start access that book in my iphone.

-Angella Wilson
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Do you fund your MicroPay

Do you fund your MicroPay with a check or with a credit card?

If you fund it with a credit card, then use that credit card to unlock your book.

If you funded your MicroPay account with a check, then contact support@fictionwise.com and ask them what you should do. Explain that you want to unlock an eReader book, specifically. I've emailed them myself, so I'll post an answer here when I get one.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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I found the PayPal answer!!

Oh this was SO easy, once I took some time and went digging around in the "my account" area of Fictionwise" (I was turning off some ebook formats like .LIT that I don't want to see any more.)

So there's a setting there in your account in which you can enter the validation credit card information. The info isn't used to BUY anything so they're not charging your card, but once all the info is in - that's saved in your account

[move to iPhone...]

On the iPhone side, open Stanza and log into Fictionwise store, look at "My Book Shelf" and click to download the newly-purchased book (standard op procedure.) Then when the download starts and it asks for your credit card number, use the one that you have saved in your My Account settings, and Bob's Yer Uncle!

Doesn't matter, then, if it was PayPal or Micropay.

I'm very Very VERY happy! Time to go back to filling up my phone with books. LOL

Dr. J.

Appreciate the info, it’s

Appreciate the info, it’s good to know.

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Thank you for letting us know

Thank you for letting us know the solution. Happy reading!

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Funding Micropay i didn't use a CC

No idea, really, since that is add-on cash from the Fictionwise promotions ("buy this and get a 25% micropay rebate.." etc.)

So it's "free money" added to the account (another reason to buy from Fictionwise!! Free Money!!) from those promotions

Lately, due to speed of checkout, I've been making purchases at Fictionwise with PayPal.


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