Why do I get a "Download Failed - Safari cannot download this file" error when I try to download the book I bought?

This probably means that you followed a link in your email receipt from Fictionwise or you went to the Fictionwise website in Safari on your iPhone to download your book. Instead of using Safari, please follow these instructions to download your book, which can be found in the "How to Buy Books" section of the Fictionwise Book Store:

1. Launch Stanza iPhone.
2. Go to the Fictionwise Book Store in the Online Catalog.
3. Tap "My Bookshelf" at the bottom of the Fictionwise Book Store screen. The first time you you do this, you'll be prompted to enter your Stanza by Fictionwise username and password that you used to purchase the book.
4. From My Bookshelf, tap on the book you'd like to download.
5. Tap the blue "Download" button in the upper right corner. The first time you do this, you'll be asked unlock your book by entering the name and credit card number on the credit card you used to buy the book.
6. After the book downloads, you can read it immediately by tapping "Read Now". You can also go to the main Stanza Library page, and you'll see your book in Recent Downloads, Authors, Titles, and Subjects.


So I was able to transfer

So I was able to transfer fine a couple of weeks ago. All of a sudden now I can't. Getting the Bonjour error even thought it IS installed. I uninstalled everything to do with Apple and reinstalled everything. I've done Bonjour and then it tells me I have to do Bonjour again and when I go again it says it's already there. I followed all the steps on the FAQ of this site but it's still not working.
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Failure to download

I've been able to transfer my ereader books to stanza all except one:

Laurie R. King's. The monsterous regiment of women failed to download. I recieved
error 404. I went to get books. My bookshelf. And then selected the book to download. All others worked.

Are you connected to a public

Are you connected to a public wifi network, such as one provided by facebook for iphone your school or work? If so, the administrator may have configured the network to prevent data transfers like sharing. In this case, we recommend uploading to a website, as described in this faq: