I can't log in to My Bookshelf (or My Bookshelf is empty! or I can't unlock my book, error 500!) in the Fictionwise Book Store in Stanza iPhone!

There are sometimes temporary problems accessing My Bookshelf. To download your books immediately, try this instead:

1. Go to Online Catalog in Stanza.
2. Tap the plus-sign in the lower right.
3. Select "Add Web Page".
4. Enter a name for your the web page (e.g., Stanza by Fictionwise), and then enter mobile.stanza.fictionwise.com for the URL. Make sure to type that exact address, without a "www"! Tap Save.
5. Tap your web page name in the Online Catalog.
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap Sign In,
7. Sign in with the username and password you used when you bought the book in Stanza.
8. Then tap the Download link next to your book, and proceed from there.
9. If your download fails, tap the "Browse" back arrow in the upper left corner, and tap where it says "If the download doesn't start, click here".

You can follow these instructions for accessing books you have purchased from www.eReader.com and www.fictionwise.com, as well, by entering those URLs.


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