error at startup on stanza desktop(windows vista)

When I open Stanza, an error message window pops up saying
"an error occurred when trying to access the bonjour services. please report this problem to Error -65537:

I can't seem to get the enable share thing to work with my iphone since this error came up.

Please help. Thank You

i think windows vista

i think windows vista generally creates problems i recommend 7 for usage. Thank you any way

Thank You...worked like a

Thank You...worked like a charm. :)

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Usually that error means you

Usually that error means you need to uninstall and reinstall Bonjour directly from the Apple website:

1. Open the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel and remove Bonjour completely.
2. Reboot.
3. Do a fresh install of Bonjour from the file at

Let us know if that helps.

Same Problem

Hello I am Having the same problem I have windows 7 and cannot figure out whats going on I have some new books I would love to read and cannot load them because of this. did the uninstall of bonjour and I continue to have the same problem?

Same problem

I have the same problem.
An error occurred when trying to access the Bonjour services. Please report this problem to java.lang.InternalError: cannot instantiate DNSSD: DNS-SD Error -65551: INCOMPATIBLE

I am running Lexcycle Stanza version 1.0.0-beta18 build#1:413
Fresh Bonjour Services for Windows downloaded June 10, 2010 (twice).
Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2

This used to work just fine, but I haven't used it in a while and now I can't get my books onto my iphone... Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I did the above mentioned suggestion as uninstalling completely, rebooting, installing fresh download, even rebooted after fresh install the 2nd time to no avail)

This might come in handy, but earlier today I was receiving a separate error. It would tell me Bonjour was not installed and open my browser to the bonjour download page. I did the uninstall bonjour/re-install after I received this error, and now I'm getting the above mentioned new error everytime I try to Enable Sharing.

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