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Trouble opening Bookshelf in Stanza Fictionwise

This just started happening yesterday, and i cant figure it out for the life of me. i've been using the program for a few weeks and have used it to read several books from fictionwise. Now, i cannot access my bookshelf. It brings me to the login screen, but as soon as i enter the information, and hit "done" the prompt for password goes away to the bottom of the screen and then immediately reappears. now, i went to the website on my pc and logged in to verify that my information is correct, and everything seems to work fine on that end. Any suggestions? anyone else having this issue?

Unable to access Fictionwise Bookshelf using Stanza

I am currently unable to access my Fictionwise bookshelf using Stanza. Initially everything was fine, then 2 weeks ago it took numerous attempts to log on...now I can't log on at all - I just keep getting the login page. I haven't changed my user id or password so I'm at a lost as to why I suddenly can't log in. I tried the alternate 'option' and that doesn't work either. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem please as it is so frustrating to not be able to access my Bookshelf at Fictionwise and dare not purchase any new books as I don't know whether I can read them.

Thank you very much in advance!

I can't access my bookshelf on fictionwise

Where I was able to in the past, I now seem to be unable to access my bookshelf from fictionwise. It seems to be asking for a stanza.fictionwise.com userid (for me they are both the same) and it does not login. My userid and password and both correct but all it does after I press "submit" is that it just goes straight back to the login page. This is very frustrating as now I am unable to download books that I have purchased from fictionwise. I do not purchase books from stanza.fictionwise.com. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Or is Stanza actually doing something about it because this appears to be a perpetual problem. It seems to have become more prevalent after the latest upgrade of the Stanza app on my iPhone.

I have EXACTLY the same

I have EXACTLY the same problem and it is INCREDIBLY frustrating. Initially everything was fine, then 2 weeks ago it took numerous attempts to log on...now I can't log on at all - I just keep getting the log in page. I have checked and rechecked my login details...they are fine. I've downloaded the latest update to Stanza and still no change. Can you please advise on what I can do as it is so frustrating to not be able to access my Bookshelf at Fictionwise and dare not purchase any new books as I don't know whether I can read them.

Thank you.

Latest upgrade to software does not fix problem

I have just downloaded the latest version of Stanza onto my iPhone - 2.1 and it has not fixed the problem. I am still unable to log in to my fictionwise account to download books. Bah!

this is still an issue

I'm having the same problem as people here (put in CORRECT login information, but it bounces back to the login screen every time). I've tried deleting and re-downloading stanza, which didn't fix the problem. I'm happy (well, not happy, but willing, for a while) to use the workaround, but I seem to be too stupid to figure that out. . . How do I get to the proper "online catalog" screen in Stanza? I can't seem to get anywhere that has the purported plus sign for adding new web pages. Help!

re. this is still an issue

yes, the problem confirmed. it seems almost one year with this one given the dates in other postings in this thread. the (slightly changed new) work around works only for the stanza.fictionwise.com account, but not for the Fictionwise account. You still cannot access to the Bookshelf via the Fictionwise Store listed second in the Catalog in anyway. the log-in window keeps coming back without any status message, probably the connection embedded in the stanza app itself is broken?

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Re: this is still an issue

In Stanza 2.0, we changed up some of the navigation. To get to the place where you could add a custom catalog like before, you need to "Get Books" and "Shared". You should see the "+" in the top right.


I am still having issues with the bookshelf, but the workaround is working

same issue, can't get to MY Bookshelf

I'm having the same issue as that noted in 'Trouble Opening Bookshelf in Stanza'. I type in my user name and pw and the same dialogue to type in the user name and password reappears in a few seconds. I'm pretty sure I'm typing everything in correctly. I'm on Mac OSX, using my iPhone to access the 'Fictionwise catalogue' and My Bookshelf.

Tried again a couple hours later and the same issue still exists. Can't access 'My Bookshelf' to download my purchases.

Same problem

I've been having the exact same problem as the person above described. This is the first time I've tried getting my purchased books from the bookshelf. (I usually download free books straight from the Stanza app on my iPhone.) I can log in just fine on the site on my PC, so I don't think my info is wrong...

The issue is still happening

The issue is still happening on Stanza, but I bought another iPhone app called 'eReader' and I can access my bookshelf from there.


I am still having issues with the bookshelf, but the workaround is working! I was also able to yesterday set up the stanza desktop app, and share the book to my ipod that way. Thank you for your help. Is anyone else having issues with the bookshelf still?

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Are you still getting

Are you still getting specifically that error that says "Empty Catalog"? Or are you getting different error/behavior? Do let us know, since we haven't heard reports of that particular problem since Fictionwise finished updating its website. Thanks!

One thing you might want to try is to turn off "Remember Info" in the log-in screen and re-enter your login information.

I cant even get to that point

it's kind of hard to explain, but i'll do my best. i'm still forced to use the workaround.

this is the process i'm going through.

1. open stanza
2. Online catalog
3.fictionwise bookstore
4. my bookshelf
5. from the bottom of the screen on my ipod, the login screen pops up.
6. I turned off remember info, and reentered both my username and password. (i know this password and username are correct, i use them in the workaround, and have reentered them several times now)
7. i hit "submit" and the login screen shrinks back down to the bottom of the screen
8. after a split second, the login screen pops back up. I get no error message or anything, it just doesnt let me in. (this is the same behavior as when you enter the wrong password or username, i believe).

i've tried reinstalling the app, but it did not help. I just went to stanza.fictionwise.com and logged in with the same credentials i am trying to put into my ipod. i've tried this upwards of 25 times now, so i KNOW it is not me putting in the wrong password. it's really odd, i was able to use the app without any issue for the first 5 or so books that i read. The first time i noticed this behavior was right after i purchased "Truth and Deception" by Alastair J Archibald. I hope this helps.

i'm happy using the workaround, but i work in software development as well, so i hope to be able to help you isolate the problem, so noone else runs into it.

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This is a different problem

This is a different problem from the one reported elsewhere in this post in which users were getting an empty catalog error.

There are sometimes temporary problems getting to My Bookshelf, but they usually affect everyone and they are very brief. What you describe really should happen only if you are entering the wrong email address and password. I know you've entered your info lots of times already, but is it possible that the first letter/digit of one of the fields is being automatically capitalized by the iPhone? Can you log in and post again so I can email you to get more information about your account?


still happening

it's strange, it's still happening, i tried reentering my info, it doesnt appear to be capitalizing it. Let me know what other information you would like.


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Fictionwise was updating

Fictionwise was updating their website yesterday, which was the source of problems for any user trying to access My Bookshelf.

It should be working now, but it may be that when you were trying to work out the problem yourself, you accidentally changed something in your username and password. Try turning off "Remember Info", then deleting and re-entering your information.

If you continue to have problems, please let us know, so we can contact Fictionwise again. You can use this easy work-around to actually get your book, if My Bookshelf isn't working:


Sorry to resurrect an old

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm having an identical problem. I haven't been able to log into MyBookshelf for four days, although the workaround is working fine for me.

I've checked my username and password, and even changed both of these in case there was some problem with spelling or leftover cache, but still can't log in.

From the lack of other similar posts, I'm guessing this problem is specific to me rather than covering all of fictionwise?

Same Fictionwise login problem

Same broken login here. I've been using Stanza for months with no problem, but as of last night, I can't login to Fictionwise to download purchases. My credentials *are* being entered correctly, and my account is working normally when I log into Fictionwise. The fix works, but it's a bit of a kludge compared to the streamlined process of how it *should* work... Has the problem been identified yet?

Same Same Fictionwise login problem

Yes, I'm having the exact same problem as described above. Every time I attempt to login into the account (and like the others, I am positive that Im using the correct login info), the login screen simply reappears a split second later, with new no information, no error, nowhere to go! It simply "crashes" back to the login screen with the information that I've already typed in. Strange indeed. I'd love some guidance on this.

I'm doubly challenged because I've tried the work around and my unlock info (Name and Credit Card #) are rejected. I realize this is not a post on that, so I'll look around on the forum for some answers on that issue.

Would love to read my books! Thanks in advance.

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