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I accidentally told Stanza to never allow sharing! How do I fix this?

On Mac, you need to delete your preferences for Stanza Desktop.

1. Close Stanza.
2. Open the Finder, and then navigate to your Home folder, then to "Library" and then "Preferences".
3. Delete the files named "stanza.container.swt.plist" and "stanza.plist".
4. Launch Stanza, and try sharing.

On Windows, you have to edit your registry to delete your preferences. It's a lot safer and easier to just to uninstall and reinstall Stanza Desktop. (You don't need to uninstall Stanza iPhone!)


The windows registry you need to edit-

Open the run menu (windows key+r), open: regedit

navigate to-


you should see two string values at this location:
(Default) REG_SZ [value not set]
sharing-enabled REG_SZ false

Double click on "sharing-enabled" and in the window that opens, type true, then hit ok. This should re-enable your file sharing.