The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
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Lexcycle Stanza Now Available for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Portland, OR July 14, 2008 — Lexcycle today announced that its popular eBook reading application Stanza is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Stanza offers an extensive collection of books downloadable directly on the iPhone through its online catalog.

“The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch have revolutionized the cell phone industry,” remarked Marc Prud’hommeaux co-founder of Lexcycle. “Stanza leverages the large, crisp screens of the Apple devices with its superior reading technology to make a very readable solution. The best thing of all is that you don’t need another device to catch up on your current book and your cell phone is always with you.”

Stanza Desktop has already made major waves as an application for the Apple Macintosh by addressing the details that are often overlooked by other software readers such as hyphenation, text columnation, automatic text scrolling, and user-friendly page and chapter navigation. A Windows version of Stanza Desktop will be available later in the Summer of 2008 bringing the same benefits of Stanza Desktop to the popular Windows platform.

Stanza supports a wide variety of formats including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Formatting as well as the major eBook standards including Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, Microsoft LIT, Palm doc, and the International Digital Publishing Forum’s new Open eBook standard and converts seamlessly between formats. In an industry that has struggled to standardize on a format, Stanza’s conversion capabilities ensures that investments made in any format are not lost.

Stanza for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch is available today from the App Store in iTunes for free download. Stanza Desktop is currently beta and available for free download for Macintosh OS X at

About Lexcycle

Lexcycle is a private company that strives to bring the digital reading revolution to readers all around the world.