Stanza 1.9.1 Downgrade

I'm looking for some help with getting back my Stanza app. I am running Windows XP with iTunes I have an 8GB iPod Touch with v2.2.1 OS.

I had the Stanza app (v1.9.1) and was enjoying it quite a bit, until I was on iTunes one day and noticed that there was an update for Stanza. I promptly updated it and got my iPod out.

After I had synced my iPod, I went looking for my app and found a glaring hole in its place. This was not what I had expected. I did some research and learned that this update (v2.1) was only compatible with iPod OS v3.0 and later, which I did not have.

Can't download book from my URL

I follower the article to put a book (from iBooks) that is a .epub onto my own web site. I then enter the URL into Stanza for iPhone and try to download it, and I get the message "Import Failed Failed to download and import 'ExampleBook.epub': Unable to translate 'ExampleBook.epub' for import.'

I tried both the direct URL and page with links methods and have the same problem. Any ideas?



Can't open book attachments from gmail on iphone

Can't download books via attachment to Gmail mail.
Mon, 03/08/2010 - 10:53 — Anonymous
I've spent at least 10 hours trying to download books from my desktop stanza to my itouch. FRUSTRATING. If i try the wireless way, at "get books" and "shared" it just keeps searching, searching, searching. When I tried to email the book to myself. Following your instructions:

How to correct incorrectly entered credit card number

I entered my credit card number incorrectly in the Stanza application for a book I purchased at fictionwise. The book will not download, of course, but I also don't find a way to re-enter the information correctly. Is there a way to correct a credit card number entered incorrectly within the Stanza application?



Download library gone with after opening Stanza again on iPhone 3GS

I downloaded a bunch of free books as well as a few epub files via my Desktop Stanza from my Mac and I started reading one, closed the app and started it again at work, thought I'd continue reading - only to discover that the next book ... all the other books I downloaded to the library were gone. In fact even the one I was reading was gone from the Downloads section. I could still access it via the "Latest Reads" but essentially everything I downloaded was gone. I don't get it.

free downloads

i found out about stanza in a mac user magazine and it says you can get free downloads but i dont know how to get them!

Beta expired; now nothing will download

Using Windows Stanza. Beta version expired Feb 3; so I downloaded Stanza again from Lexcycle's website as instructed. Now, when I tap "Shared Books" on my iPhone and then my laptop's name, Stanza churns and waits, but no books appear even though one is loaded in the Stanza screen on my laptop. After about a minute I see a box in the middle of the iPhone screen which says "Catalog Error. timed out". Yes, I have Enable Sharing checked in the laptop Stanza screen under Tools. Yes, my Bonjour is working perfectly, so I did not reload Bonjour when I reloaded Stanza on my laptop.

Downloading Morning and Evening Prayer Services

OK, this is a great program and I'm trying to do something that it may not support. I want to download a morning prayer service by month into my Stanza library on my iPhone. The downloads are available at in text, pdf or iSilo format. I don't really want to purchase iSilo for my iPhone since it got lukewarm reviews compared to Stanza and this should be EASY. I'd like to download the file for the month and put it into a collection for morning or evening prayer, then just select the appropriate day.

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