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Stanza 1.9.1 Downgrade

I'm looking for some help with getting back my Stanza app. I am running Windows XP with iTunes I have an 8GB iPod Touch with v2.2.1 OS.

I had the Stanza app (v1.9.1) and was enjoying it quite a bit, until I was on iTunes one day and noticed that there was an update for Stanza. I promptly updated it and got my iPod out.

After I had synced my iPod, I went looking for my app and found a glaring hole in its place. This was not what I had expected. I did some research and learned that this update (v2.1) was only compatible with iPod OS v3.0 and later, which I did not have.

Stanza iPad PDF low memory crash (deleting books)

Hi there,

Just pulled down the new Stanza with iPad and PDF support.

I have a several pretty large (300MB) PDFs. Apps like GoodReader can handle these with no problems. However, Stanza is crashing from running out of memory.

After a crash, Stanza is deleting the books it hasn't processed yet. So if I upload 200 books via iTunes, maybe three or four of them will actually make it into Stanza.

Crash report attached.

Incident Identifier: A188234C-90D0-4EDE-A7B0-8AB7A4BEF8EC
CrashReporter Key: ba354a13ca8a93e8d0159b23934761827ea4e7f4

Stanza 3.0 Now Available

I am happy to announce the release of Stanza 3 to the iTunes App Store. Among many other improvements, this release brings a native optimized version for the Apple iPad!

Other Stanza 3.0 improvements include:

• PDF, DjVu, and Comic Book Archive support
• Turkish & Bulgarian translations
• Many, many bug fixes

In addition, the following new features are available for devices running iPhoneOS 3.2 and higher (currently, iPhone OS 3.2 is only available for the iPad):

Cant open pdf file to stanza desktop. "could not load book" window keeps popping up

Every time i try to open the pdf file this window keeps popping up saying " Expected to read '%%EOF' instead started reading '1' " PLEASE HELP ME... i dont think its a DRM problem and the pdf file is actual text and not a collection of images. Thank you . Carlinn

iPad will not close book!

I am in trouble with Stanza:

I cannot close out the book I am reading on my iPad desktop. It seems impossible to return to the main page. What can I do to get there?

Phelan, CA

Epub chapters don't show up on iPhone

I downloaded several epub books from Swashwords and sent them to my iphone via Calibre server. When I do this and download the epubs to the iphone no chapters show up in "some" of the epubs on the iphone. I can see the covers but upon opening the ebook I only see blank pages. However, they do show up and are accessible in the Calibre desktop apps.

After reading tons of forums: This is what I have attempted so far:

1. I have checked the conversions, all are in epub format.

2. Updated Stanza to 2.1.1

Experimental Picture Book Capability Now Available in Stanza 2.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch

In Stanza 2.1, we released a new experimental feature for Picture Books, and I just realized that we never actually communicated about this feature to anyone. Please note that this is only available for Stanza iPhone and iPod Touch, and not Stanza Desktop.

The key point to realize is that when Stanza is told that something is a picture book, it will ignore almost all other tags. So this feature only works with image only books.

To turn an ePub into a picture book, add the following element to the metadata section of the content.opf file:

Stanza doesn't connect with Stanza Desktop via an ad hoc connection

Hey, everyone!

I'm using Windows 7 and have been trying to connect my iPod Touch to the Stanza Desktop via ad-hoc connection but so far without results. It seems that Stanza finds the network (My computer's name appears in Stanza) but never finds any books, either it just keeps on searching or gives an error message which says something about time-out.

Have done everything exactly as written in the FAQ but nothing happens. Does anyone have the slightest idea what might be the issue here? Sorry if I left anything unclear, am more than willing to give more details if anyone needs.

Stanza crashes on large Ebooks on iPhone 2G and 3G but not on 3GS

We have an Ebook, that is about 24 MB big. It runs great on the iPhone 3GS with the 1 Ghz Processor. But every time I try to open the book on an iPhone 2G or 3G the Stanza App crashes and there is no reading the book. As mentioned the Software performs very well for large books on the iPhone 3GS so I guess it is not a Software issue but a processor issue.

Stanza iPhone text off top and bottom of screen rendering error

after adjusting the font and font size and margins, etc. in stanza on my iphone, any e-book I read frequently renders text split between two pages. usually it's just the bottoms of low hanging characters like , g, y, etc. and I can just read my book around it, but sometimes it's a line split entirely in twain between two pages, and requires resizing the font to fix it. the bug is easy to reproduce, happens in portrait and landscape orientations, and in fact a font size, paragraph spacing and line spacing setting that doesn't cause this issue is quite difficult to find.

Is there some workaround to this that I've missed, or is it a bug I'm encountering and there's nothing I can do?

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