iPad will not close book!

I am in trouble with Stanza:

I cannot close out the book I am reading on my iPad desktop. It seems impossible to return to the main page. What can I do to get there?

Phelan, CA

PDF books opening with random underscores

I have downloaded a PDF book from the internet, and when I have opened it in Stanza desktop, it works fine, except Stanza has inserted an underscore ( _ ) after every letter T and every letter F. Does anyone know what would be causing this and how to remedy it? I'm running Stanza 1, Beta 18 on a Mac with Snow Leopard.

How to back up my books

Hi There,
I have just purchased a book by your interfase in my i-phone
e-Myth - Gerber.
Now I feel afraid of loosing it
How can I back up it in my PC for example ...?
Think about an i-phone new sdk release ... all cleared and nothing left in stanza application ... my God
Would you please help me with this?
Thank you.


Comic Book

I have a comic book on pdf format I want to put on my ipodtouch but with stanza the cover page is all that comes out is there a way to put an all picture pdf on the ipod thhrough stanza?

Stanza Desktop - book info/format help

I'm using Stanza to put documents onto my ipod touch as well. This is what it looks like when I add it by "New From Clipboard", using the first question in the FAQs (The quotation marks I added).

by Unknown
What sort of con­tent can I read with Stan­za?

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