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Chapters missing ipod touch phone

Epub chapters don't show up on iPhone

I downloaded several epub books from Swashwords and sent them to my iphone via Calibre server. When I do this and download the epubs to the iphone no chapters show up in "some" of the epubs on the iphone. I can see the covers but upon opening the ebook I only see blank pages. However, they do show up and are accessible in the Calibre desktop apps.

After reading tons of forums: This is what I have attempted so far:

1. I have checked the conversions, all are in epub format.

2. Updated Stanza to 2.1.1

Chapter appear in Stanza desktop, but not on iPod

Hi there,

Stanza is by far the most used product I have on my iPod touch and I use it everyday.

I have an old collection of .prc ebooks that I have managed to transfer across to my Touch, but while they appear fine in the desktop reader with all the chapters in the right place, as soon as they arrive on the ipod, all the chapters have vanished and are missing and I just have one huge section with hundreds of pages.

Any idea where I'm going wrong?

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