The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
Tip of the Week: Turn Your iPhone Into an e-Book


6 More Books Now Available in the Random House Free Catalog on Stanza iPhone

The 6 books available for free in the Random House Catalog on Stanza iPhone/iPod Touch include:

  • Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur
  • Changelings by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • Perdido Street Station by China Mieville
  • Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
  • Starfist: First to Fight by David Sherman and Dan Cragg
  • Demon Awakens by R. A. Salvatore

Random House and Lexcycle hope you enjoy these books and authors. These books are only available for a limited time so get them while you can.

free downloads

i found out about stanza in a mac user magazine and it says you can get free downloads but i dont know how to get them!

Project Gutenberg catalog searching needs to be improved!

Really like Stanza, really like the catalog access to Project Gutenberg. Is the organization that I see-- e.g., alphabetical authors listing-- something that Lexcycle has set up or that PG is in control of?

I'm asking because searching by alphabet for authors is truly cumbersome... my example is Foster... if one taps on the F, one has to scroll through screen after screen (many authors have last names that begin with F) before one gets to Foster! In fact, F has 898 authors as of this morning May 31, 2009.

Free Mystery/Thriller Novels for the iPhone

Hello Everyone,
In light of the current recession, I am offering my two mystery/thriller novels, Dark End of the Spectrum and Absence of Faith, as free downloads for iPhone users.

You can download both novels from my personal page on Smashwords at
Just scroll to the bottom and click on the book titles.

Dark End of the Spectrum is number three on the Smashwords bestseller list. Here is the synopsis:

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