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Why the options of Stanza Desktop Menu Edit are disabled?


I may ask a stupud question but the Options in Menu Edit of my Stanza Desktop are disabled. What could be the reason? I tried several file formats (txt, zip, epub).


Stanza Desktop does not recognize format but iphone Stanza does.

Ive been making my own ebooks in epub format in the program Sigil. I have the chapters set and text formatted correctly, but when I view the epub book in Stanza Desktop there are no chapters, or text formatting. I thought it was editing, but I opened the book in Calibre and the chapters and formatting were viewable in that program. So I was a little confused and tried to add the book to my iphone, and low and behold the chapters were there on the iphone. Does anyone know whats going on with the Stanza Desktop?

Stanza doesn't connect with Stanza Desktop via an ad hoc connection

Hey, everyone!

I'm using Windows 7 and have been trying to connect my iPod Touch to the Stanza Desktop via ad-hoc connection but so far without results. It seems that Stanza finds the network (My computer's name appears in Stanza) but never finds any books, either it just keeps on searching or gives an error message which says something about time-out.

Have done everything exactly as written in the FAQ but nothing happens. Does anyone have the slightest idea what might be the issue here? Sorry if I left anything unclear, am more than willing to give more details if anyone needs.

Stanza Desktop: Horizontal Scrolling with One Column of Text

Hi Everybody!

I'm new to Stanza Desktop - although I love the iPhone app!

I like one column of text with horizontal scrolling. Is there any way to do this in Stanza desktop? As far as I can see there are two problems with the single column view:

1. It doesn't format the text into "pages" - there always seems to be lines that are cut off at the bottom of the screen. And when you turn to the next page, it repeats a couple lines.

2. It doesn't scroll horizontally!!

Am I missing something? I would appreciate any information at all.

Thank you!

Stanza Desktop feature request

Features I would like to see in Stanza Desktop
* Ability to open multiple books at once (from File->Open, could select multiple files)
* Sync with iPhone Stanza contents
* Archive books (e.g. keep on desktop, remove from iPhone)
* Rearrange collections
* Interoperate with other tools such as Bookworm http://bookworm.oreilly.com/

Mac OS X 10.6.2 Java update 1 - Stanza Sesktop doens't load

After update of Java to update 1 Stanza stopped loading.

howto create a new stanza dedicated server ?

I've been reading the stanza documentation, and most of it is straight forward, but I'm looking to develop somewhat of a hybred solution here. I want to create a book feed on my website for my collection of books so I can fetch them from the intarwebz, but I also want to be able to browse them as shared books when I'm at home sans hassle for my family and friends. I can't find any documentation on the stanza shared book protocol anywhere. I want to develop a dedicated linux server, as callibre just isn't sufficient. where can I find the documentation on this protocol ?

Stanza Desktop (beta) Windows closing and bonjour problem

Hi, I'm running Stanza Desktop version 1.0.0-beta17 build #1:403 on Windows 7 RC. I have noticed the following problem(s) (not sure if they are related).

1.) When I close the stanza windows, the process or processes still show up in my task manager. I have to manually kill them.

Stanza desktop blank page

When I open Stanza on my Mac OSX I get a blank page with only grayed out text 'Use File Menu to Open a Book' in the middle of the page. The file menu allows me to open 'Recently Opened' books, which is how I found the two I have downloaded so far. If I go to 'Open' I don't even know where to navigate to to find any ebooks I might have. I did a search and they are in the 'Download' folder, but I had no way of knowing that through the Stanza software. This can't be the way it was designed to work.

Can't open eBook in Kindle after export from Stanza desktop

After downloading eBooks purchased on lexcycle.com to my desktop, I followed the FAQ instructions to export it to Kindle using the Stanza desktop app. I saved it to the Kindle connected to USB, in the "documents" folder.

I appears in the Kindle, but when I try to open it I get "The selected item could not be opened. Please use your computer to visit Amazon.com and clin on "ManageYourKindle" on the "Your Account" page for help in solving this problem.

Of course the amazon page has no help on this issue.

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